A girls jewelry box has a special association in a girl’s life. It stores not only ornaments and mementos, but hopes and dreams of the future and cherished memories of the past. Whether used for costume jewelry, precious gems or “dress up,” it is an essential accessory for a girl.

Jewelry boxes come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Boxes can be made of wood, silver, porcelain, crystal, fabric, plastic, enamel, leather or cardboard, and vary in size from small specialty boxes for items such as rings, to stand-alone pieces of furniture. Selecting a girls jewelry box should take into account individual style and taste. Jewelry boxes not only function as containers for beautiful trinkets, but may be works of art themselves.

Musical Jewelry Boxes

Musical jewelry boxes for girls are popular with both children and adults. These boxes often enclose a figure that rises up and dances to music that plays as the box is opened. The most traditional figure is a ballerina, but horses, fairy tale characters such as Thumbelina and Cinderella, or figures of angels and fairies are among other representations available.

The musical apparatus can be fitted to almost any material. Musical boxes for girls are often made of wood, glass, porcelain, crystal and plastic. Songs typically include classical strains such as “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” from the Nutcracker Suite, themes from Swan Lake, or popular tunes such as “Over the Rainbow” or “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” Some have multiple selections. The on-line shop, www.chasingtreasure.com, has an extensive selection of good quality musical jewelry boxes for children with detailed descriptions of the manufacturer, size, material, songs and figures displayed for each box.

Themed Jewelry Boxes

Decorative figures and motifs on girls jewelry boxes provide an additional way to express individuality, display interests or match the décor of a room.

Popular themes for small children include “Hello Kitty,” teddy bears or storybook characters such as Winnie-the-Pooh. Animal motifs of almost all kinds, from turtles, frogs, horses and cats to zebras are found on boxes crafted from an array of materials. Butterflies, lady bugs and other figures from nature are also popular motifs. Representations vary from whimsical and cartoon-like to realistic.

The Disney Store, www.disneystore.com, has a good selection of movie characters on girls jewelry boxes including Snow White, Ariel, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Minnie and Mickey and Tinkerbelle. These boxes vary in size and material from small trinket boxes of porcelain to locking caskets.

Older girls may prefer trendy themes from popular movies or television programs, such as the Twilight “New Moon” Bella jewelry box. Motifs depicting sports such as tennis racquets, ice skates or skis are also available.

Religious motifs including Noah’s Ark, angels, representations of Christ, praying hands and Star of David are popular.

Styles of Personalized Girls Jewelry Boxes

From traditional rectangular boxes to unusual geometric configurations, little girls jewelry boxes are found in all shapes and styles. A style especially appropriate for young children is the wooden chest or casket. These boxes are easy for small hands to open and may be carved or decorated in an array of colorful and playful motifs.

The most traditional girl’s jewelry box is the multi-tiered white ballerina music box. Usually made of wood with felt or velvet lining, these boxes come in all sizes and complement the décor of a girl’s room. The larger boxes provide small sections for rings and earrings on an upper tier; the lower tier houses larger pieces. Some include side panels with hooks for necklaces to prevent tangling.

Armoire-style jewelry boxes are upright rectangular pieces with a series of drawers often hidden behind double doors. Sizes vary from miniature table-top boxes to stand-alone furniture. Quality of construction ranges from hand-made, finely crafted wood to inexpensive, fabric-covered rigid cardboard or even plastic. An elegant representation is the lacquer armoire with in-lays of mother-of-pearl, silver and gold in motifs depicting flowers or scenes from nature.

Specialty boxes house particular kinds of jewelry such as earrings, rings, bangles and necklaces, appropriate for an older girl with more jewelry. Often smaller and more ornate, they can also be used as an ornamental display on a dresser or table top.

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