Are you drowning in jewelry, and running out of places to put it? Most women have several jewelry boxes, in addition to standing jewelry armoires. A wall mount jewelry armoire is a wonderful alternative to both of these. It adds dimension and interest to the walls in your room and can complement your decor.

Why Buy A Wall-Mount Jewelry Armoire?

Think of the space you will gain on the tops of your dressers, should you empty your jewelry boxes into a hanging jewelry armoire. A wall mounted jewelry armoire uses wall space and eliminates the need for floor space, or “top of the dresser” space. If you’re still holding onto all of your jewelry boxes from childhood and cluttering the tops of all of your furniture, it’s time to try a wall mount jewelry armoire.

Unlike a standing jewelry armoire, a hanging armoire does not necessarily have to match the furniture in your room. There are a variety of styles that feature spaces for photos, making them appear as a picture frame. Some of the mirrored wall mount armoires are hand painted and can be hung as pieces of art. Other pieces feature mirrored fronts, which go well in any decor. A hanging jewelry armoire can be much more than just a storage box for all your baubles.

Wall mounted mirrored jewelry armoires can also be recessed into your wall, disguising the fact that they’re a cabinet of any kind. In some cases, these armoires are linked to home security systems. On the website, you will find wall-mount jewelry armoires that can be wired to your security system.

How to Choose the Right Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire

Corner wall mounted jewelry armoires are available in a variety of sizes, from small to large. A small armoire usually consists of a main cabinet with hooks and spaces for earrings and rings. Larger armoires can contain hooks, spaces for earrings and rings; and even drawers for your perfume bottles, or jewelry boxes. Larger armoires can cover a vertical space from floor to ceiling; with a combination of hooks, drawers, and shelves.

Carefully select the jewelry that you will want to house in your hanging armoire. Line it up and count it, to insure that you select an armoire with adequate capacity. Once you know what capacity you need, you can start thinking about the other aspects.

Think about which style you prefer. Do you like a more traditional looking armoire, with ornate wood carving? Would you like to display photos? Are you hanging it over your dressing table, in which case you would want it to have a mirrored front?

Think about the type of material that you prefer. Hanging armoires are available in hardwood materials, such as oak, maple, or pine. They are also manufactured from wood veneers. If you aren’t looking for a wood finish, you can also choose from several laminate finishes or hand painted varnishes.

What about security? Do you need a hanging armoire that locks, or even links to your security system? Do you want your armoire to be recessed into the walls, so that it appears as a simple painting or mirror?

What kind of budget do you have? A website such as has many different wall mount armoires to choose from, at many different price points. also offers you the opportunity to read customer reviews of their products. They offer a low shipping cost of $2.50 on any order, and your first order will even ship free.

If you are looking for deep bargains, try websites such as Ebay or Craig’s List. If you’re looking for more of a selection, try a website such as Wall mount vanities are increasing in popularity and can even be found at Target or J.C. Penney.

A wall mount jewelry armoire can be an answer to your jewelry organizational needs, while adding a decorative flair to your walls. They can be secure and inconspicuous when they are recessed into your wall, and even be linked to your home security system. A carefully selected wall mount jewelry armoire will become a treasured showcase for all of your jewels.

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