There is more involved to creating a spectacular window than deciding on window treatments. Window decor helps you create a distinct style in each room of your home.

Certain window decorations are more appropriate for some rooms than others. Windows in a child’s room can be decorated in a fun, whimsical sort of way. A more subdued decoration would be best for a bedroom. Windows in a family room can be decorated in a casual manner. Kitchen and bathroom windows are simply an opportunity for your decorative creativity to be displayed.

The type of window treatment you select will have an impact on how you decorate the window. Shades are a popular choice of window treatment and can be all the decoration you actually need. The color or fabric pattern of a shade can dramatically impact a room. For example, a window shade fabric with a black and white pattern can add interest to a predominately white room. Or, an entirely different affect could be achieved in that same room with the use of a brightly colored shade. Room darkening shade are often a good choice of window treatment in a bedroom. They are especially beneficial in a nursery. You have a wide variety of color choices when buying room darkening shades.

The windows of a nursery could be decorated with decals, stickers, or window clings that depict nursery themes. These can be removed when they are no longer appropriate. When a nursery transitions to a child’s room, windows can be decorated with clings that are more age appropriate. Carton characters are a popular theme with children.

A bathroom or kitchen window could be decorated with plants. A hanging basket filled with an ivy, a Pothos, or any fast growing vine would work as window decor. If you have a large window, you may need to hang several baskets across the top of the window and allow the vines to become entwined to create a living curtain.

You can decorate a window with wreaths that are suspended from the curtain rod. Seasonally changing the wreaths makes the room decor more interesting. Holiday and seasonal wreaths are easy to find. There are numerous styles of wreaths so you are not limited simply to circular designs. There are swags, oval wreaths, and square wreaths easily available at home decorating stores and florist. You can also have wreaths custom made to match the color scheme of a room.

Lace, doilies, linen towels, and sheer fabric are all a good starting point for decorating a window. They can be hung in various manners that require little or no sewing skills. You can add personal touches to window treatments by attaching decorative items such as buttons, bows, or other novelty items for a special affect.

Sunlight shining through a cascade of colorful beads hung at a window can add beauty and vibrancy to a room. A teenager would probably love a window decorated with beads. This would also be a possible option for a game room or family room.

Hanging stained glass items at a window is a wonderful way to decorate a window in any room. A dining room decor could certainly be enhanced with a stained glass window hanging. Stained glass window hangings can be found in some unique shapes which often make them a good choice for circular or half moon shaped windows.

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