Beautiful gold bangles look alluring as they glint and gleam on arms. While bangles are pretty worn singly, many love the pleasing tinkling sound of a stack of bangles clinking together. Different styles and colors are combined on one or both arms to coordinate with outfits and enhance skin and hair tones. A totally unique look can be achieved when combining different bangles. When 9ct gold bangles are chosen, the wearer gets the gorgeous look of higher-gold-content bangles at a fraction of the price. Many women wear over a dozen 9ct gold bangles at one time.

And, 9ct gold is real gold. Just like 10ct, 14ct, 18ct and 22ct gold, 9ct bangles begin as pure gold that typically is blended with silver and copper to harden it and allow it to be formed into fine jewelry. It is not costume jewelry, and is usually worked only by professional jewelers.

The classic yellow gold color is the very most popular hue in 9ct bangles. It’s a traditional choice that is always in fashion, and always considered in excellent taste. But 9ct bangles also come in white gold and rose gold, just like their more expensive counterparts. The amounts of silver and copper used to blend with the pure gold determine whether the gold has a cool, silvery white hue, or a warm, rosy pink tone. The strengthened gold is very durable, and not likely to bend out of shape, even though formed into delicate bangles.

Many bangles are smooth and round in shape. Some are large enough to slip up over the elbow, and women wear them both there and at the wrist. Some women like to push the bangles up towards the elbow, at the three-quarter sleeve area, which looks very elegant and yet sporty and slimming. Some prefer wearing them all at the wrist, to bring attention to lovely hands and nails.

There is no “wrong way” to wear bangles. They are a lighthearted jewelry item that can be combined in any way, with a mixture of widths, gold colors, and designs just adding to the fun.

Many 9ct gold bangles have a domed, rounded outer side, and a flat inner side, allowing it to slide on the arms easily. Bangles that are flat on both sides are also very popular, and often feature designs that have been stamped or etched into the outer surface. Leaves, hearts, flowers, and vines are popular motifs. Remember, since 9ct bangles are considered fine jewelry, not costume jewelry, many choose to have them engraved inside with names, dates, or special messages.

Jewelry designers combine textures to make coordinating sets of bangles. Some will feature cross-hatching, some are highly polished, and some will have matte finishes, and some will combine all three. Setting channels of rhinestones or small gemstones along the outside of the bangle is very popular and is also often featured in coordinating sets of plain and jeweled bangles.

Other coordinating bangle sets feature all three colors of 9ct gold, with jewelers creating beautiful, intricate designs. Many times, these bangles are typically slightly wider than the plainer bangles in the stacking set. By varying the width of the bangles worn, many more unique and one-of-a-kind looks can be achieved.

Geometric designs are popular now, many with a tribal or ethnic flavor. It’s easy to find the latest trends reflected in 9ct bangle designs. In fact, by choosing 9ct bangles, women can have real gold jewelry in the very latest of styles, since jewelers typically offer their trendiest designs in 9ct first.

Bangles are so easy to wear, too. They simply slide on and off. There are no clasps to struggle with, no chains to break or kind, and nothing to get caught on clothes and pull out threads. One size fits most, making them easy to give as beautiful and highly desired presents, too.

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