Before you begin, almost all vacuum cleaner models require some type of routine maintenance to perform at their best. Check the documentation (i.e. Owner’s Manual) you received with your vacuum cleaner for specific instructions on routine care and maintenance. This procedure may include replacing the vacuum cleaner bag, or emptying the dirt receptacle if the model is bag less.

Some models may also require filters to be checked, cleaned, or even replaced. Some models have replaceable belts that may become loose or break over time and require replacement. If your vacuum cleaner has attachments such as upholstery wands and hoses, it’s always a good idea to check these for possible blockage before you begin. You can test your attachments by holding the palm of your hand against the end of the attachment. If suction seems inadequate, there could be a blockage in the hose.

Once your vacuum cleaner is ready, you will need to prepare the room you intend to vacuum. Furniture that can easily be moved such as end tables and coffee tables can be moved to the center of the room. Area rugs need to be rolled up and moved to the center of the room as well. Move large furniture away from the walls by at least three feet, to allow easy clearance for the vacuum cleaner as well as yourself. Electrical power cords need to be unplugged and placed out of the way of any area you intend to vacuum. If you can’t unplug an electrical cord, never attempt to vacuum over it! Always remember to turn the vacuum cleaner off before you lift the machine over an electrical power cord. Visually inspect the area in which you intend to vacuum and remove any large debris that might cause harm to your machine by hand. If you have drapery, window treatments, or blinds that hang down to the floor you’ll need to move these clear of the vacuum cleaner. Suction can often be more powerful than you think and draw drapery into the rollers of the machine from several inches away.

Once the room is prepared, you may now begin to run the vacuum cleaner over the carpet. Start at the parameter of one wall, and push the vacuum cleaner forward to a comfortable arms length in front of you. Slowly draw the vacuum cleaner back toward you, and repeat this forward and back motion until you’ve moved the vacuum cleaner over all of the exposed carpet along the parameter of the room. Slowly work your way around the entire parameter of the room, until you reach the point in which you started. Once the parameter is completed, turn the vacuum cleaner off, and roll up the power cord. You may also wish to check the dirt receptacle again at this time and empty or change if needed. Move all of the large furniture back into place along the walls, and plug in any power cords you may have unplugged while vacuuming. You may also return any draperies, wall treatments, or blinds to their original positions now.

Plug the vacuum cleaner back in and work slowly toward the center of the room. Use the same easy forward motion as before, stopping at a comfortable arms length in front of you. Slowly draw the vacuum cleaner back to you, and repeat this process until you’ve covered the exposed area of carpeting up to the small furniture in the center of the room.

As you near the small furniture that you placed into the center of the room, be mindful to not bump into table legs with the vacuum cleaner. Stop at least five inches shy of these items, turn off the vacuum cleaner, and roll up the power cord. Place the small furniture back into it’s appropriate location, and unroll any area rugs on areas you’ve already vacuumed. Once you have the center of the room cleared, you may now plug in and turn on the vacuum cleaner and finish the carpet. Once completed, turn your vacuum cleaner off, roll up the power cord, and store.

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