As one builds up their personal DVD collection, space can become a huge issue. Many will just throw their newly acquired movie or video game into one of many storage bins, in a corner of the room, or stack it out of the way. But how can they know what movies they have easily? If you want to know where to go to find a particular movie, it could take a lot of time to go to all the different spots your DVDs are contained. DVD racks can be a big time saver as well as help you organize your extensive DVD collection all in one spot.

There are many types of DVD racks available. Many people will go and spend less than $100 to get the organizer from Best Buy. These are either plastic or faux wood. While they serve the purpose, many times pieces don’t fit together properly which can make either the whole stand lean or make certain parts of it unusable. While this serves the purpose of being able to store your DVDs in one place, these aren’t the most attractive items to have inside your home. Due to the cheap quality of these DVD storage racks, they also need to be replaced sooner rather than later and is a bit hard to clean since dirt and dust can get in hard to clean places. Over time, you will find you should just start over new instead of trying to clean and see more paint or residue come off while you wipe it clean.

Another option is to get a big entertainment center. This way your television, video components, and DVDs and games are all in one central location. This big piece of furniture can already come with DVD racks built into the unit itself or be ready for you to find a place to have it. Potential downsides are the huge space it takes up inside your home as well as the possible limits of the DVD rack provided. If it has plenty of shelves available, you could easily fit more DVDs into that. However, if it has a rack, you might be severely limited by the number of DVDs you can fit inside as well as if individual slots are given, you won’t be able to fit double discs and TV series into the slots.

One of the more popular CD & DVD racks these days are purchasing from a furniture store a piece of furniture that is dedicated to media storage. Going with wood can be a great investment as these are usually constructed of a much better quality and can add elegance to any room. For those with doors, you can keep your DVD collection clean from dust and the DVD rack can double as an end table or even a TV stand. This keeps the unsightly DVD racks out of sight as well as out of the view of visitors prying eyes. Others will go with a piece of furniture that doesn’t have doors but still adds some decor to the room. The DVD tower that has shelves that interlace can be an interesting conversation starter. Many will also place a plant or other object on top of the DVD rack to add a personal touch to it.

Some people, however, have very little space in their homes. A big entertainment center or piece of furniture might not be feasible. If none of these options are what you are looking for, consider mounting a DVD rack onto your wall. This is great for smaller places and helps you conserve the space for other pieces of furniture. Be sure to properly anchor the unit into the wall so it can support all of your media. Others will build a DVD rack into the cubby hole above the fireplace that was built for an old-fashioned TV. It’s fairly simple to add wooden shelves or crown moulding shelves at just the right height so you can store your DVD collection out of the way but easily accessible. No matter what you decide, organizing with metal DVD racks will be one of easiest organization projects for you to do. It sure beats figuring out where your favorite DVD has ended up.

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