It seems everything you possibly want is made available these days. There are collectors of Precious Moments figurines, Irish Santas, Boyd’s Bears, dolls, barbies, Breyer horses, even comic book and television show figurines. Whether you want to proudly display your newly acquired collectible or retain it for value purposes, you have to have something to store it properly. Merely putting them in a cardboard box and putting them in the basement or garage won’t keep them out of harm’s way. They could be lost in a flood, humidity, or even crushed by being mistakenly stacked with a heavier box. The best thing is to put them in a curio cabinet to keep them out of harm’s way.

Curio cabinets come in all shapes and sizes. The first decision to make is what type of material you want to get. Curios predominantly come in wood, though some are completely glass, or they might have an aluminum or vinyl frame. Ensure the curio shelves will hold everything you want as some have weight constraints. The next decision is whether you want them to be completely sealed off from being viewed or having it easily accessible. Proud collectors light there to be see-through glass so others can see their collection. Others might choose to have a wooden cabinet with wooden doors so they can completely seal off their precious items from the outside world.

If you have a vast collection, look at getting a curio a bit bigger than what you need currently so you can add more to the curio as you go. The best thing to do is measure the figurines before purchasing the curio so you know they will fit. After purchasing a curio cabinet, you might be exasperated to try and put some of your taller items in only to find they won’t clear the bottom of the next shelf. See if the shelves are adjustable so you can easily move a shelf up if necessary to be able to place taller objects in there effectively. Purchasing a curio big enough to hold only everything that you currently isn’t a good idea. Otherwise you can deal with an overcrowded curio as you add items or worse have to purchase another curio or decide to go without a collectible due to room constraints. While corner curios flow nicely within a room, these tend to be smaller in size. Otherwise you can choose a taller or wider curio depending on your needs.

One of the most popular curio glass cabinets is a china cabinet. This big piece of furniture can hold dishes, silverware, and your precious collectibles. You can put place settings in cabinets to close them off and line up your figurines on the shelves that have see through glass. This way you can store everything you need in one piece of furniture instead of purchasing a curio solely for collectibles and a china cabinet solely for expensive place settings. Others will add a curio cabinet to a desk so it can double as a computer hutch or to proudly show off some of their collection. A curio cabinet can be added to half walls within the house to have a custom look and feel.

Many people are also electing to go with a curio cabinet that can be wall mounted. This is particularly popular for those who collect smaller objects, such as golf balls or shot glasses. These won’t be found in retail stores, however, so will need to be ordered from catalogs or online. Make sure to measure the wall as well as the objects before you purchase so your new centerpiece will go nicely into place. The same rules to buy one a bit bigger than what you currently need apply so you can add items to your collection.

Whether you go with a wall mounted curio cabinet, a corner or individual curio cabinet, or get one in combination with a computer hutch or china cabinet, you will be able to proudly display your collection. This is a great decoration to have inside your home, can stimulate interesting conversation with guests, and keep your collection safe from pets and kids. Your only decision to make is which curio cabinet will work best for you.

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