Commercial Juice Extractor 

Commercial Juice Extractor


Commercial juice extractors, or commercial juicers, are used for the same purpose as household juicers. That is, to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. Even though they share the same purpose, commercial juicers are a whole different “animal”. Household juicers are relatively simple and light weight contraptions. They are not made of heavy duty metals and have a light weight motor. Commercial juice extractors on the other hand are made to be much sturdier, and the motor is larger and more powerful. They are designed to run for long periods of time and can handle larger amounts of fruits and vegetables. All this makes for a machine that will weigh quite a bit more and also cost a lot more than an ordinary household juicer.

Whether one is running a restaurant, a bar or just a juice stand at the fair, looking into a commercial juicer is worth it. The cheapest model commercial juicers go for around 200-300 dollars. Some examples of cheaper model juicers would be the Omega J 8003 and the Waring heavy duty citrus juicer. Citrus juicers are designed specifically to deal with citrus fruits. Getting a commercial grade citrus juicer for the home is not a bad idea, especially if one is making a juice for a lot of people. Some of the other top commercial juice extractors are made by, Sunkist, Champion and Miracle Pro.

Commercial juicers come in different varieties and styles. There are basically two different styles of juicers, centrifugal juicers and single gear commercial juice extractors.

Centrifugal juicers work by creating a centrifugal force within the machine that separates the juice from the pulp. This is generally the most common type and is also the cheaper of the two. Most household juicers are centrifugal juicers.

The second type of juicer is the single gear juicer. This juicer operates at a lower RPM, but has a lot more power compared to the centrifugal juicer. Because of the higher power rating it is capable of making more juice per pound of fruit. This type of juicer is most frequently used as a commercial juice extractor. Of course it goes without saying that single gear commercial juice extractors will cost quite a bit more money and will generally weigh more.

When it is time to purchase a commercial juice extractor, price, size and weight have to be considered. As mentioned earlier, a commercial juice extractor can cost a few hundred dollars for a basic model or thousands of dollars for a highly capable heavy duty machine. Large heavy duty machines are capable of making large quantities of juice at one time. They also take up a lot space and weigh a lot. The type of juicer to get depends entirely on what amount of juice is being made. If one is running a very busy restaurant that serves a lot of juice, then getting a large commercial juice extractor would make sense. Other wise a relatively smaller machine would suffice.

After one has decided the size and price the next thing to look into is the machine’s capability and ease of operation. Commercial juice extractors can vary greatly in the way they operate. Before committing to a particular type of juicer, it is always good to ask around. Restaurants are a good place to start. This way one can get first hand information on different models and find out how they perform and what kind of features they have before buying one. Once the decision is made, looking for the chosen model can easily be done on the internet.

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