There are many people that want to have outdoor solar lighting for their home. They may not know where to start or how to get what they need. The good news is that it’s not as hard as they may think.

Where to Look

There are several places people can look to find lighting for their needs. Where they look will depend largely on what kind of lighting they are looking for. Most home improvement stores have a section in the store for outdoor lighting. These lights can be used for anything from lighting a garden to an area of a back yard for family get together. They also offer competitive pricing to those that want to add this feature to their home.

Another place to look is online. Many people forget about looking at the online stores for this kind of product. This is normally because the products are larger and harder to ship to the home. This can be an advantage if the buyer is getting a large amount of items sent to their home. They may be able to enjoy bulk shipping rates and discounts from online retailers when ordering this way.

What Is Outdoor Lighting?

There are a couple of different kinds of solar powered outdoor lighting for homeowners to think about. The first is garden lighting. This kind of lighting is normally used for decorative items and to display flowers and greenery the homeowner has. These lights are normally smaller and more compact. They also require less power and are normally powered by only solar energy.

Another kind of outdoor solar landscape lighting is used for illuminating the area a family or party. These lights are normally larger in size and require a lot more energy. They usually can convert the solar lighting and store it until it needs to be used for lighting purposes. Most of the time, there will need to be a backup source for the lighting so if the solar lighting runs out, the lights can still stay on.


Depending on the size of the area the lighting is needed in and what the lighting will be used for, installation can be fairly easy. If the only solar lights being installed are garden lights, all the installer will need to do is clear small places for the lights to go. There is normally no wires or wiring for the lighting to be done and they can be used that night.

If the installation is for the larger lights intended for lighting an entire backyard, then the installation may take a little longer. The lights will need to be placed according to where they will be required to shine and there will need to be wiring laid under the ground. This can be a tedious process. The solar panels will also need a place to go to get the best sun for charging. For this kind of installation, it’s probably best to hire someone that knows all about the installation process or to let the company the lighting was purchased the lighting from do it for then. They have been trained on how to do it in the best way and how to get it done right. The last thing homeowners want is to have something that costs so much not work properly.


Depending on which way homeowners go with the lighting, they may spend a lot more than they planned too. Most garden lighting will cost between $100 -$300 depending on the lights purchased and the number needed. The larger systems will cost a lot more at $500-$5000 depending on the amount of power needed and the number of lights being powered. The good news is with the second option, homeowners can apply for an energy saving grant to help pay for the installation and purchase of the lighting. They may also be able to write it off on their taxes depending on the state they live in.

Homeowners should take their time when they are looking at purchasing lighting for their homes. They may find they are spending a lot more then they intended. They should also make sure they are getting just what they want so they won’t be doing it all over again in a couple of years.

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