Electric Juicer

Electric Juicer


A restaurant juicer is a device that extracts the juice and vital nutrients from a variety of fruits, herbs and vegetables. This product is a must for every restaurant owner because the majority of customers like to top up their meal or improve their diet and health with some kind of juice. Apart from providing juices for customers, the juicer performs another important function as well. Vegetable juices are used to liven and thicken up soups and stews. The main thing that a restaurant owner should look for is a juicer that is competent enough to separate the seeds and skin automatically and speedily. As a restaurant owner, since you have to respond to customer requests within the shortest time possible, you need to have a juicer than functions quickly and efficiently.

Types and Characteristics of a Restaurant Juicer

Since a restaurant juicer is an indispensable tool in your restaurant, you should consider all the types of juicers available in the market and the nature of job you want it to perform. Before buying a juicer, think of the following factors and then make a selection depending upon the type. The size and capacity, the energy consumption, speed, power, warranty and the price are the important factors and of course, the brand too is a crucial factor. The most important characteristics of a juicer are power and speed. Those characteristics are what will enable you to quickly serve your customers who have important work to attend to and need some refreshment to sustain them. Restaurant juicers need larger motors so that they can easily pump out gallons of juice within minutes and they have large collecting bins too when compared to other kinds of juicers. Mostly all restaurant juicers are made of stainless steel material for easier cleaning and durability. This is important for a restaurant owner because it does not hold any odors whereas plastic parts will capture smells creating a multitude of different odors. This can put off your customers and the quality of your juice will go down. Stainless steel does not rust easily if it is good quality steel. This is another reason why restaurant juicers are made of stainless steel. The success of the restaurant is dependent on the amount of profits raked in. Your juicer should be able to extract every bit of juice from a single fruit, vegetable or herb. Most restaurant juicers come equipped with high quality parts and are able to extract all of the juice.

Benefits of a Restaurant Juicer

If you are a restaurant owner who wants customers to know that the juices produced in your restaurant are healthy and nutrient rich, then you can choose from the juicers that come with twin gears. They are highly efficient in extracting all the vital nutrients from the fruits and vegetables by crushing and pressing them with double the effort of other juicers. People are become more health conscious than ever, they would do anything to detoxify and invigorate their body. They have started replacing unhealthy fast foods and junk foods with healthier fruits, vegetables and herbs. Those who do not have the time to or means to prepare juice at home may stop by your restaurant and drink a glass or two either on the way to work or on returning home from work. People have started drinking vegetable juice to up their energy during their lunch breaks. If your customers are able to get what they want from your restaurant, they will come back again and bring others with them. It is for this purpose that you need the services of a twin-gear juicing machine. It will enable you to get your work done faster and to produce nutrient rich juices.

You can mix fruits with vegetables when juicing to make the less palatable vegetables tasty. By throwing in a couple of apples or a couple of pears, wheat grass juice is a lot easier to gulp down. Vegetables with a pungent taste like spinach and bitter gourd also become tastier this way. The idea is to bring out the best in all foods that you juice and make them palatable. Develop your own unique and delicious juice blends and give them tasty names. You may get some inspiration here: Juice Recipes Now.
Also, allow customers to order their personal mix of juices.

A fully efficient juicer does not cost much, about $200 or so. There are several types of restaurant juicers that you can conveniently purchase from an online store.

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