Juicers are a convenient machine to attain valuable nutrition for the body. With a minimal amount of effort, people can consume the daily requirements for fruits and vegetables in delicious and healthy drinks. Juicers allow blends of vegetables often avoided by people because of taste and texture. Juicers provide a key to good health and happiness. One popular type of juicer is the masticating juicer.

Masticating juicers are designed for the extraction of fruit and vegetable juices. These machines are designed to remove the optimal amount of liquid from fruits and vegetables and minimizing the material remaining. Once items are put into the machine, the pulp remaining is very dry. These extracting machines will extract juices from grasses such as wheat and leaves such as parsley.

These single gear masticating juicers not only extract juice, but depending upon the model, can manufacture baby foods, nut butters, frozen deserts, meat pate and extrude pasta. Imagine the countless possibilities of food combinations one machine can produce will delight even the most novice of cooks. With people concerned about the purity of food and drink, a masticating juice extractor is an excellent investment in family health.

Machine Design:

Twin gear masticating juicers are designed to operate on low rpms to slowly and effectively process food. Mastication is chewing and these machines are designed to “chew” fruits, vegetables, grasses and leaves. This chewing process allows for all nutrients to be released in the juice. Unlike food processors that liquefy the fruits and vegetables, these juice extractors remove fiber that may overwhelm the digestive system if consumed.

The speed used to extract juice is slow which prevents foam from forming in the juice. Minimizing air is important in preventing or slowing the degradation of the vitamin quality of the juice produced. The juice can be stored longer. The speed also keeps the juice from heating up that may occur with extractors operating at higher motor speeds.

The machine design allows the machine to operate in a quiet manner. Another important design feature is these machines do not clog, causing extra effort to clean machines and continue operation. Machines are designed to be either upright or side extractors. Many people choose the upright versions for space saving as the side extractors can be large.

One point to consider is these machines do not produce a clear juice which may require some people, especially young children to become acclimated to this type of juice extraction. Choosing the correct machine for your juice needs will depend upon your requirements and budget. Many economical machines are available for purchase, but the higher end machines come with longer warranties and greater versatility.


The best models of the masticating juice extractors will mash fruits and vegetables into a pulp. Once the pulp is formed, the pulp is pressed through a fine mesh steel screen. Some machine models have hydraulics that push the extruded pulp into cotton bags and squeeze the pulp extracting the maximum amount of juice possible. Some models will also expel the pressed pulp into a bottom container for removal whereas other models will have a strainer that holds the pulp.

Some people discover their machines are more than simple extractors and allow them to grind fresh nut butters such as peanut and almond. Nuts are extremely hard and these machines easily grind them into fresh nutritious butters. Soy beans can be ground into paste to be formed into meat alternative patties.

Masticating versus Centrifugal Extractors:

The other type of juice extractor is the centrifugal juice extractor which requires more vegetables and fruits to produce the same amount of juice. These machines cannot extract the juice of green leafy vegetables or grasses. These machines produce juices that have shorter shelf lives because they spin quickly and add air to juice.

Masticating extractors are more versatile and economical than the centrifugal machines. Masticating juice extractors grind, need and chew to ensure all nutrients are available in the juice. If you seek simple juices, the centrifugal machine will meet your needs. If you are seeking complete nutrition, choose the masticating juice extracting machines.

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