Have you been looking for new ideas to spice up your bedroom? Well, being creative and innovative is the way to go when it comes to making your bedroom the perfect place. You can do a lot of things to turn your bedroom into a haven that your lover wouldn’t want to leave.

Doing Up the Bedroom

By making certain little changes in the decor, the furniture and the lighting arrangements, you could expose yourself to a whole new experience in the bedroom. Here are a few things that you could start with:

• Keep the bedroom clean; get rid of all the unnecessary stuff in there. The idea is to do away with the clutter.
Nothing about your bedroom should feel boring or stale. It should be the place that you want to spend most of
your time in, when at home.

• Make sure that your bed is large and comfortable. When it comes to spicing up the bedroom, it is very
important to ensure that your bed allows you all the experimentation you intend to participate in, in your

• Use clean bed sheets and curtains. Unclean linen kills the mood.

• Remove everything from under your bed. The bedroom should be a stress-free zone.

• Make sure that the room smells nice. Use room fresheners, incense sticks or potpourri for the same.

Make Some Visible Changes:

If you don’t make changes to your bedroom decor every few months, you’d easily get bored of it. It is important to break the routine in life even when it comes to smaller things such as the ambiance inside your bedroom. Bring about the following changes in your room and you’d be surprised to see the results.

• Depending upon your taste you could choose a color and theme for your room. Red is a good color if you
really intend to spice things up. It depicts passion and desire. But it’s not a great idea to paint the walls red.
You could use red bulbs for your lampshades to give your room a rosy tinge. Use light pastel colors for the

• Cover your bed with satin sheets. Use matching satin or net curtains to get the full impact.

• Get some new bold or sensuous paintings for the bedroom. Putting something suggestive on the walls would
help bring your mood up. Putting large mirrors on one of the walls is also a brilliant idea.

• Get a beautiful glass chandelier for your ceiling. This would enhance the overall effect of lighting in your

• Always keep soft decorative cushions on the bed. This brings about a feeling of coziness and warmth.

Decorate with Love:

Spicing up the bedroom also includes doing everything that reminds you of love. Try to convert your bedroom into a comfortable love nest. You could decorate the walls with the pictures of you two as a couple. Frame whatever you love and cherish, and put them on display. This could include love letters, greeting cards or any other symbols of love. You could also keep it simple and serene by just bringing in some fresh flowers everyday. Make use of beautiful aromatic candles for the bedroom. They not only lift one’s spirits, but also look absolutely divine.

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Last but not the least; don’t forget to be gentle, loving and caring in the bedroom. More than anything else it is your feelings towards each other that are going to make your bedroom the most special place to be in.

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