In every bathroom, having space designated for storage is important for access of everyday toiletries and organization. However, city dwellers living in cramped apartments or families with large numbers often find a limited amount of space in their bathrooms for storage. Even houses with large bathrooms and ample of space might not have structures in place for storage. On top of that, the number of grooming products with specialized functions is constantly multiplying, that we are now inundated with bottles of facial lotions, eye creams, and cuticle oils. This makes planning for storage a crucial part in maintaining an organized bathroom. With the variety of cabinets and shelving available, it is easy and even fun to come up with clever ideas to keep our bathrooms clutter-free.

Linen Closets

If you are fortunate to have a linen closet, you should definitely find a way to optimize its usage. Open up your linen closet and see if each shelf is fully utilized. If there is a great deal of empty space, consider adding a few more shelves in between. The cost of a shelf starts from $5 and up depending on the quality of the material. The best thing about closet shelves is that they are very easy to install. Most standard shelves require you to drill four holes. Insert a shelf clip into each hole and place the shelf on top. Shelf clips are available at most hardware stores for under a dollar apiece.

You can also add a linen closet to your bathroom if you have extra space. However, that can be quite costly. Expect to spend at least two to three thousand dollars for materials and labor, depending on the number of walls being added and the overall size of the closet. Be aware that the construction must meet building codes and might even require permits.

Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinets are perfect for storing small toiletries that need to be used every day, such as lotions, creams and brushes. If you do not have one, you can easily find one at home improvement stores such as Home Depot, Lowes and IKEA. They typically range from $50 to $500. It is important to choose a higher quality cabinet since it will improve the overall look of your bathroom and last a longer time.

There are two types of installation for medicine cabinets. Recessed medicine cabinets are embedded into the wall of your bathroom. That means you will need to cut through dry wall and build a wooden framework around it to support the cabinet before mounting it. These cabinets allow for deeper bathroom storage cabinets without protruding from the wall. For less hassle and easier installation, choose a surface-mount cabinet, which only requires a drill and some sturdy screws. However, they are often narrower which means less room for bathroom wall storage.

Bathroom Vanities

If you have a freestanding sink, consider installing a bathroom vanity for extra bathroom storage room. Bathroom vanities can be custom-made to fit perfectly into your bathroom. You can also take down the measures of your sink area and go to the nearest home improvement store for a ready-made vanity.

The countertop of the vanity is a great surface for toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap dishes and other items that need to be readily available all the time. Different materials can be used for vanity countertops, including wood, corian, marble and granite. Prices can range from a hundred to thousands of dollars.

For the under-sink cabinets, you can choose to install ones with single or multiple hinged doors or drawers. This would depend on what kinds of things you are planning to put in your vanity. If you need space for large bottles of cleaners and detergents, consider hinged doors with deep open spaces. However, if you have many small items like bars of soap and hair accessories, consider ones with drawers as well.


For bathrooms with tight spaces, shelving is an excellent bathroom storage unit solution. Shelves come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be mounted on almost any wall surface without taking up additional square footage in the bathroom. Since these shelves are out in the open unlike closet shelving, consider using decorative holders to give the bathroom a polished look.

The space above the toilet is usually a good place for shelving since it is often empty. A single or double shelf can be installed easily with a drill and some holders. There are also shelving units available that fit perfectly over the tank. Metal shelving units can be as inexpensive as $35 while solid wooden shelf units can cost a few hundred dollars.

Finally, consider installing a shelf above your bathtub. This allows extra room for shampoo and soap bottles that often crowd the ledge of your tub. Because of the constant exposure to water, do not use wood shelving that will warp or metal that will rust. Consider glass or chrome, which can withstand moisture.

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