Bathrooms have changed so dramatically in recent years that it is often difficult to keep up with the home decor market. Rooms that were once considered necessary and private in a home are now featured in new home ads and actually can make or break the sale of a home. Remodel projects for bathrooms are hot and heavy with homeowners as they attempt to make their home current and fashionable. Decision making is sometimes a challenge but one item that is extremely popular is the pedestal sink.

A pedestal sink is so versatile and adapts very well to many decorating styles that they are being used more and more in decorating. For example a plain white porcelain sink can look simple and urban in a loft environment or elegant and dramatic in a formal more traditional bath area. The secret is to consider the entire room as a whole and allow the sink to be a part of the whole decor. When shopping for a bathroom pedestal sink it is important to note the minor details to select the correct one. There are many sizes and shapes available as well.

When looking at the size of pedestal sink to use for a project it is a good idea to think through the function of the room and how it will be used. Take into consideration the amount of storage space in the room for the basic toiletries and how much surface area is available around the bowl of the sink. If the sink is used for kids to get ready for school in the morning and the bathroom is not large it is a good idea to have enough surface area for a toothbrush, soap and other grooming items. Will the sink need to hold a towel rack or is there a hanging rack nearby? Little details of function can make a tremendous difference in the enjoyment of the sink. On the other hand, if the sink is adjancent to a flat cabinet surface the need for storage on the actual sink is not as important.

The actual width and height of the sink are important as well. Always measure and be certain the size works for the space. If a bathroom is very small a corner pedestal sink is a wonderful idea because the design itself makes it appear much smaller and it visually takes up less room in the space. A larger pedestal sink can be used in a larger scale room. The design of a pedestal allows it to showcase the other features of the room. The paint or paper that is used to decorate the room can still be seen and the sink does not have to be a large box in the space. Instead, it can be considered a pleasing visual enhancement to the decor of the room. It is also a good idea to decide on the height before making a purchase. Taller people might want the taller version and people that are not as tall might prefer a shorter version.

Once function and size are determined a sink can be selected on visual appeal, style and color. There are many options available in the marketplace. For example, a white pedestal sink stands out dramatically in a power room that is painted a dark chocolate brown. However, a white sink in a white room will simply blend into the wall and be obscure. Either choice can work but it is important to know what look is desired befor selecting the sink. In the same white room a pedestal that is a rich vibrant color will contrast and be a focal point the room. Taking the time to evaluate the entire room before making a purchase will make shopping for a pedestal sink fun and richly rewarding to home decor.

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