Red Wasp

Red Wasp


Although very small, wasps can be very dangerous animals. Wasps can sting a human a number of times as their stingers are not barbed. Wasps can make their homes in a number of places, such an attic or the eaves of a home. In the event you are allergic to wasp venom, this can be deadly. There are two varieties of wasps, but only the social wasps sting and their nests are the ones you will find. The solitary wasp does not do this. If you spot the nest of wasps, it must be removed. There are a number of ways to accomplish this goal so you can choose the one that is appropriate for the nest location.

Hanging Wasp Nests

Wear thick clothing when undertaking this task to minimize your chances of being stung. A pressurized bomb is the method of choice rather than insecticides as they frequently do not work. Read all instructions on the bomb packaging and aim for nest mouth. Even if the bomb does not hit its target, over time, the nest and all of the insects will be destroyed. Stay a few feet back during this process to minimize your chances of being stung.

Underground Wasp Nests

Rubber clothes are needed for this type of operation. If you wear cotton or woolen clothes, your chances of being stung increase significantly and this needs to be avoided. Purchase some diesel or kerosene fuel and pour it into the entrance of the nest. Immediately cover the opening with a large wet cloth, such as a towel, and push it in with a shovel. The fuel produces fumes which will destroy the wasps in the nest and eliminate your problem.

Home Remedies to Remove Wasps

Only use these techniques if you know for a fact you are not allergic to wasps. If you are unsure, the risk is just not worth it. For a wasp nest hanging from a tree, light a fire directly underneath it. The resulting smoke will choke the pests and those who do not die of suffocation will leave the nest. You can also opt to punch a hole in the lid of a can that you have emptied. Fill this can about halfway with sugar syrup or water. Hang this from a tree branch and walk away. Wasps love sugar and will enter the can where their wings will become trapped in the liquid. They will eventually drown in this mixture.

If you are allergic to bees, you may wish to call in a professional to remove the yard of wasps. This is the safest way to rid your yard of them and you know the job will be done right the first time. If you choose to take care of this problem on your own, make sure you have another adult to help you. If any problems are encountered, you will have the assistance you need. Also, if you can wait until the evening hours, when the temperature cools down, wasps at less active at this time and your chances of being stung will decrease. Take this into consideration when deciding how to deal with these pests.

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