Your bathroom should be a haven of quiet serenity whether you are preparing yourself for the day ahead, or relaxing in a hot tub to rid yourself of the stress of the day just finished. Décor is just as important in the bathroom as in any other room in your home, and this includes carefully chosen lighting.

Before shopping for fixtures, decide how many bathroom lights you will need, and what type of lighting will suit your lifestyle. Even a small bathroom needs at least two bathroom light fixtures to adequately illuminate the space for different uses. While performing personal grooming tasks, such as shaving or applying make-up, fairly bright lighting either in a strip, or sconces on either side of the mirror, is recommended. In order to eliminate shadows, ensure that the lighting is even. A strip of bathroom vanity lights across the top of the mirror is commonly used, and works well. Sconce lighting on the sides, which can even be attached to the mirror if you have an extra large mirror, is good, too, but is sometimes too dim in the center.

Wall fixtures can have anywhere from one to five bathroom ceiling lights on them. The number of bathroom wall lights you will need depends on the size of your bathroom in general, as well as the size of your vanity. A long counter needs more light to balance it, where a small vanity or pedestal sink will look better with a double light over the mirror, or sconces on each side. Contemporary bathroom lights are available which point either up or down, according to your individual taste. Bathroom mirror lights which point up give a more diffused light, while downward lights afford a brighter look.

An overhead ceiling fixture is often overlooked as a light source in a bathroom, but provides good quality light when using the toilet, tooth-brushing, cleaning, or doing other things that don’t require bright, even light. While there are many types of overhead fixtures, you may want to consider something a little unusual to set your room apart. Depending on your personal decor, a chandelier can look very classy and different in a formal bathroom. Perhaps track bathroom lights with beautiful pendant lighting would suit you.

A recessed light in the shower stall or bathtub is a good idea to ensure safety, as tub enclosures can be dim, and is also helpful for personal grooming, such as women shaving their legs, or men who shave in the shower. It’s also handy for moms of young children who scrub little necks and feet, and need to ensure that they get all the dirt. If you are a “do-it-your-selfer”, make sure you purchase a “wet” light—one that is rated for use near water–in order to avoid potential problems. A dimmer switch on the tub light can provide soft romantic lighting for soaking in a bubble bath. Another idea, especially if you keep your house on the cool side, is a heat lamp over the tub or shower to keep you cozy while toweling off afterwards. It’s also nice to keep those little children warm.

Once you have decided what type of light fixtures you need, consider the style you would like. Discount bathroom lights should fit in with other decorative features in your bathroom. Consider paint colors as well as the style of faucets and towel bars you have chosen. There are literally hundreds of decorative bathroom lights available both at local home stores, kitchen and bath designers, and on-line. Whether you are looking for a traditional, transitional, or contemporary style, you will have many to choose from.

Traditional styles include the typical “Hollywood starlet” strip with big round bulbs, as well as bars with multiple fluorescent bathroom lights on individual arms, often with the conventional “tulip” shades.

Contemporary styles tend to include bars and framework of unusual forms, often with clean uncluttered lines, without the flowery details that traditional shades often sport. Shades are more reminiscent of modern candle holders, in ovals, squares, and even flat circles. Contemporary shades come in bold colors such as cobalt blue, amber and gold, with patterns in the colors, as well as pastels, pure white and translucent.

Transitional lighting contains elements of both traditional and contemporary styles. Gracefully curved arms and striking shades are to be found on many of these fixtures. You’ll find that transitional fixtures fit beautifully into many decorating schemes.

White bathroom lights come in a multitude of finishes such as chrome, brass, brushed nickel, pewter, and gold tone. For the most unified look, coordinate the metallic finish of your light fixtures with faucets, doorknobs, towel bars and toilet tissue holders.

There you have the recipe for perfect lighting. Decide which types of glass bathroom lights you need, consider your existing or intended decor, and choose fixtures in terms of style, finish, glass color, price, and individual taste. Enjoy your personal retreat.

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