Many homes have wood flooring in at least one of the rooms. Wood floors can be beautiful but do eventually become worn, which leaves them with a less attractive appearance. One way to improve the appearance of a wood floor is to wax the floor. This is a relatively easy project with just a few simple steps.

Clear the Room

Waxing a floor is much easier when there is nothing in the room. Remove all furniture from the room along with any other items that rest on the floor or may be in the way. Sweeping the floor will also clear it of any debris that may make this project more difficult.

Remove Old Wax Buildup

One should remove any old wax from the floor before applying new wax. This can be done using wax stripper and either a scrub brush or an electric floor scrubber. When choosing a wax stripper, be sure that you choose the right kind for your type of flooring and follow the directions when using and diluting the wax stripper. If you would prefer to use an electric floor scrubber rather than scrub the floor by hand, you will need to buy or rent the floor scrubber. Hand scrubbing is more difficult but also less expensive.

When using wax stripper, it is important to wear protective gloves and keep the room well-ventilated. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions when using these products. Coat the floor with the prepared wax stripper, and let it sit for a few minutes. The directions on the wax stripper will usually tell you exactly how long to leave the product on the floor. Scrub the floor with the scrub brush or the electric floor scrubber until all the wax buildup is removed, and then soak up any extra liquid with a rag. You may also mop the floor with plain water once this is done.

Apply the Fresh Wax

Once the floor is dry, it is time to apply the wax. It is important to choose a wax that is safe for your type of wood flooring. Apply a thin layer of the wax to the entire floor with a clean mop. If there are streaks in the wax, you are probably applying it too thick. Be careful not to miss any part of the floor. This layer should be allowed to dry completely, which usually takes about forty-five minutes, before applying another layer. Usually waxing a wood floor requires three layers of wax. Once all the layers are completely dry, one may place all the furniture and other items back in their original positions.

Waxing a wood floor is a relatively simple project that can greatly benefit the appearance of one’s flooring. This also helps make the floor easier to maintain, since after waxing one can use polish or buffing to make the floor shine. This is a great way to improve the appearance of a room as well as the floor.


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