Wall sconces can be an energy efficient, decorative, and functional part of your home decor. They are available in such a wide range of finishes and styles that it is easy to find sconces that will enhance any decorating scheme.

When selecting lighting for your home, one of your main concerns is most likely the energy efficiency of the light. Sconces come in sizes that require only one bulb up to sconces requiring as many as four bulbs. Obviously, your most economical choice would be the light fixture that provides the proper amount of light but not an excessive amount of unnecessary light. Some wall sconces are designed to use halogen lights. An ecologically friendly style of wall sconce is available that uses a 26 watt fluorescent bulb and has a shade made of either recycled paper or recycled glass. Selecting this type of lighting for your home is an advantageous choice both for you and the environment.

When decorating a room in your home you may want to give an area of the room the warm atmosphere that a wall sconce provides but not want to spend the money to have an electrician come in and wire the room to accommodate such lighting. Fortunately, you have the option of wireless wall sconce light fixtures. Wireless wall sconces operate on AA batteries that provide approximately 150 hours of energy efficient illumination. You can find these lights in a variety of colors or with a Tiffany type design.

Wall sconces that hold candles are the ultimate in energy efficiency. However, candles are only appropriate in certain areas and in certain situations. These sconces are more decorative than functional.

Open floor plans are popular and have definite advantages but there may be times when you do not need to light up the entire open area. A wall sconce with an arm that swings is a good choice for a small corner reading area of a family room. Taking advantage of a wall sconce used in that capacity can save on your electric bill by allowing you to turn off the larger overhead lights. Being able to direct the light to the specific location you desire is a definite advantage. Wall lighting is also a good option for areas such as a foyer or hallway where you may not have space for a table and lamp.

Not only do you have the option of one to four lights in a wall sconce design, you also have a wide selection of globe size and shape. You can choose globes that are round, square, rectangle, or oval. The basis for your selection should be the functionality you expect from the light. Some lights are designed so that the light is attached to a frame that is an attractive wall sculpture. You can select exquisite fixtures that add elegance to the area where they are placed. If your goal is simply to utilize the space saving and energy efficient aspect of a wall sconce, you might want to select a simple design that is more functional than decorative.

A wall sconce can be used as a decorative part of your room decor. A light with a globe or shade that directs the light downward can be used to illuminate a piece of art that you want to draw attention to. Sconces are attractive companions to bookcases and are perfect for accentuating a particular piece of furniture in a room. You have a choice of finishes on sconces that include brass, bronze, chrome, wrought iron, pewter, copper, and many other options. Depending on your specific needs, you can select sconces that compliment a modern, vintage, contemporary, transitional decor or a rustic cabin atmosphere.

Your use of wall sconces is not limited to the interior of your home. Outdoor sconces can add beauty and elegance to a covered entrance to your home. Wall sconces can increase the ambiance of a patio. When enjoying an evening relaxing on your patio, wall sconces can provide just the right amount of illumination to create a tranquil atmosphere.

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