Iron Beds Can Be a Great Option for a Versatile Space

If you’re looking for a new cast iron bed, but can’t seem to find anything to fit in your space, you may want to consider an iron canopy bed. Before you rush right out and grab one, however, you should consider exactly what you’re looking for and how you can use your new black iron bed so that it will look like you’ve had your iron twin bed custom made for your room. There are many different places you can get this type of bed and many different price ranges, so you need to plan carefully.

By having a general idea of how you want your iron full bed to look, the size and pieces you’re considering, you can save yourself a ton of money.

Know where to shop

You should know that most true iron metal beds are very old and they cost quite a lot of money if they have been restored. Don’t be surprised to find a queen sized iron bed that costs over a thousand dollars if it’s been properly cleaned and painted. You might be surprised to find that even a twin sized, fully restored bed of this type can cost over $900, so you need to know where to shop for these great iron beds for sale and whether you’re willing to do some work on the restoration of your new bed.

Often, when you’re shopping for a iron queen bed that is made of real iron, you can go to estate sales and in some cases garage sales, where the seller doesn’t really know what they are sitting on and will give you an iron bed for a couple of hundred dollars if it’s in bad shape. This is one of the best ways to get a true iron bed for almost nothing, but beware that this process will take you time and sometimes it won’t happen at all.

Consider buying one new, at great, low prices

There are stores where you can buy a metal bed at great low prices, but you have to put them together and remember, these beds are not made of iron. Consider shopping for your new iron full sized bed at one of these retailers where prices can be as low as about $250 for a queen sized bed. Often, you can choose white or black for the color and at the price, the versatility will be well worth the price you pay. The best part of these victorian iron beds is that they are solidly built and fit standard sized mattresses. For the shopper on a budget, this might be your best course of action, since they cost substantially less than their antique counter parts and there is no restoration needed.

Another place where you can often get a iron day bed made of metal is from your local mattress store. Many times you will find that the beds or headboards on display are made of some type of metal, so if you’re not picky about what kind of metal you get, this might be an option. In the past, most of the cheap iron beds on display had a distinctly dated ’80′s styling to them, but now metal beds are going back to more timeless styling, so you can get an antique look at a brand new price. You should know, however that in the case of mattress stores, you might wind up paying more for a frame and footboard than if you just opted to purchase a headboard. Usually, however, depending on how ornate the iron work on the bed is, you can find one for a couple of hundred dollars.

Any time that you’re looking for a versatile discount iron bed that will go well with any type of furniture, you should consider an iron bed. Remember that most of the time if you are looking for true iron, you’ll have the best luck shopping around at antique stores or garage and estate sales, and the cost of a fully restored iron bed can sky rocket to up over a thousand dollars, so if you want to spend less, you’ll be better off restoring an American iron bed on your own.

If you have the money and the time to purchase a true iron bed and restore it, you’ll likely be thrilled with the result and the way it looks in your space. Consider this versatile type of bed for any sort of eclectic bed room style that you want to create and know that you’ve made a great investment in a solid piece of furniture.

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