Outdoor lighting fixtures are more than just a way to get around in the dark. They can give your yard or outdoor area a touch of class, or a more rugged look. Because of all the different styles on the market, finding the right lighting fixture comes down to personal preference. The options for lighting include track lighting, solar lighting, and lighting that uses LED bulbs. Here are a few tips on various lighting styles to help in the choosing process.

Around your yard or patio, you’re probably going to want decorative outdoor wall lighting fixtures. This can be in the form of sophisticated porch light fixtures, or yard lights that look as good in the daytime as they do after dark. Bulb coverings for porch lights come in several different styles and types of glass. You can either choose from a clear glass or frosted glass covering. The fixtures themselves are made in a wide variety of materials also, including brass and faux wood finishes.

Outdoor hanging lighting fixtures for your yard can be as inconspicuous or as bold as your personality. If you’re only needing something to add a little light to a walkway, a few well placed path lamps should do the trick. These will add a touch of class to your walkway, and your flower beds. For something a bit more dramatic, try a single lamp post that resembles an antique English light post.

Another thing to take into consideration is whether to use electric lighting fixtures or solar. Electric lighting can cover everything from your front and back porch lights, to a lighting system with motion sensors included. You can also choose from a fixture that supports only one light bulb, or a dual fixture for a more dramatic look.

Solar lights come in all shapes and sizes. You can usually purchase small solar lighting fixtures in packages of six or twelve. This is a great way to light up a patio, a flower bed, or a walkway. Not only do they add plenty of light, but you don’t have to worry about them going dark in a power outage. Most small solar powered lights require one or two AA batteries along with the solar power.

If you want to go all out with your solar lighting, there are several different and unique options. You can get a beautiful antique-looking lamp that will hang just about anywhere you want, and comes with a manual on/off switch. Or, choose a solar lamp that looks and feels like a typical rock during the day, but lights up after dark.

If your decor is more on the modern side, you can have outdoor track lighting fixtures installed. These come in several different styles, including your basic back and/or white fixtures, or an ornate brass fixture. Add a flair of spectacular to your barbeque area with a mini pendant track lighting system. These lights look like mini wine glasses hanging down from the rafters and come in just about any color you can imagine.

Finally, there are the many LED outdoor post lighting fixtures. Though most look like any other fixture, these are easier to maintain and cost less to run. Most solar lighting fixtures contain LED lights within, and you can now purchase these lights with motion sensors. Moreover, you can get an LED motion sensor light for less than $20. LED lighting systems come in all sizes, including just big enough to see the keyhole on your front door. They can hang down from the front of your home, or lie flush against the wall. If you can imagine it, you can probably find it.

If you’ve spent days working on creating a beautiful outdoor environment, you’re going to want to see it during the day and at night. The right outdoor lighting fixtures will not only allow you to view your hard work, but will help accentuate it. Whether you’re looking for something modern, or something with more of an antique look, there’s an outdoor fixture made just for you.

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