If you’re in the process of giving your home a fresh, new look and are preparing to replace your current window treatments, take a moment to become familiar with the different types of window blind curtains and drapes available. No matter which room you are replacing the window curtains in, you will have the opportunity to choose from a wide array of assorted styles, fabrics, colors, and prints.

Preparing For The Purchase

It is imperative to determine the correct size needed for each window. To obtain the width of panels and longer drapes, measure the width going from the far outside window trim from one side to the other. For length of these window curtains, measure two inches above the top window trim to two inches above the top of your floor. These long drapes, when accurate in size, can provide excellent privacy, sun blockage, as well as beautiful compliment to your household interior. Bathroom shower curtains, smaller window kitchen curtains or door window coverings can be measured by the running the measuring tape from top to bottom and side to side, making sure to measure to the far edge of the trim.

When shopping for curtain and drapes, take along fabric samples and paint samples to match against the lined window curtains in the store. Bear in mind the type of lighting that is in your home. If your home is naturally open and prone to a lot of light, be sure to view the samples against the sheer window curtains in similar light at the store. Apply the same task if the lighting in your home is darker. If you home is heavily shaded and not a lot of natural light filters in, leaving your home dimmer on the inside, view the samples in a dimmer lighting in the store. What may seem like a light green in your home might actually appear to be grey in a different light.

Determine the functionality you desire the panel window curtains to have. Do you want them for decoration only? Is privacy high on your list of needs in function provided by a curtain? Do you want a lot of light to filter in to make your home brighter in the daytime or do you prefer heavier, thicker drapes in darker colors? Though something may catch your eye at the department store or shopping online because of its design, you need to have a clear idea of what you want the curtain to provide for you.

The Many Options Available

From luxurious silk window curtains and draperies to insulated window curtains, light and frilly door window curtains, your options are unlimited. If your home is decorated simply with solid colors, consider opting for discount window curtains with a pattern or print to give variety and an appearance of texture to the room. On the flip side, if your home is eclectic and widely decorated with art work, art prints and more that are patterned; you will be better off selecting a solid curtain which will not compete with your current décor. Insulated drapes provide a wonderful service of additional protection from drafty windows as well as privacy options and complimenting colors. Homeowners in older homes with windows that do suffer from age will benefit from using insulated drapes by lowering heating costs.

For large windows in formal rooms such as great rooms, formal dining rooms and offices, swags layering over paneled drapes have been a popular choice among consumers. The addition of the swag over the panel creates an elegant visual appeal. Victorian and cottage style homes benefit from lace window curtains. These versatile window curtains can be used alone or placed behind a more formal, heavier drape. Pull back the heavier drape in the daytime and let the sunlight filter through the lace. The effect of the light coming through the lace red window curtains will provide enough light to be able to leave the house lights off but will refrain from being too bright or overpowering.

For a unique and handsome topper over your Roman or Woven blinds, consider choosing a valance. This handy addition will dress your window without taking away from the appeal and function of your blinds. Tier window curtains work great in smaller kitchen windows. You can choose to place the tiered curtain in the middle of the window. This will allow the tier to hang down to afford privacy and yet leaves the top of the window uncovered to let the sunlight stream in. Top tier country window curtains can be paired for an attractive match to the bottom tier and still leave several inches of window visible between both tiers for sunlight and visibility.

Cost of window treatments can run the gamut from five dollars to thousands of dollars. Determine your budget, asses accurate measurements, compare paint samples an fabric swatches in the appropriate lighting before making your buying decision.

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