Patio Door Curtains 

Patio Door Curtains


No one can deny that patio doors are a great source for natural light in the home. They are also great for inviting the great outdoors into the home, but there are times that this openness and light need to be filtered or blocked. Patio door curtains are a great option to consider for covering patio doors. Curtains are an inexpensive option and come in countless styles, colors, and fabric textures. Before purchasing sliding patio door curtains for the patio doors, the homeowner needs some basic knowledge and a few beneficial tips about curtains for the doors.

The first thing that must be decided is the style of the curtains and hardware. These two choices go hand in hand. The homeowner’s choice of hardware will naturally have an impact on the design of the curtain. Certain hardware is designed to work with specific curtain styles. One should always keep in mind how much space a certain type of hardware may require when mounted. The homeowner should also keep in mind the construction of the home. Hardware is more secure and stable when it can be mounted directly to the window header or to other underlying wood. The weight of the curtains for patio doors and normal usage can weaken brackets that are mounted only into sheetrock.

One determining factor for the style of the curtains is the décor of the room that the patio doors are located in. Since the patio doors are often a potential focal point of the room, the homeowner will want the curtains to blend aesthetically with the rest of the room.

Another thing to remember when choosing patio door insulated curtains for the patio doors is how much use the doors will have. The curtains need to allow for easy accessibility to the doors. The curtains will need to be designed and installed in a way that will allow for the doors to both open and function properly. Full length curtains have the potential of being pulled out to the exterior of the home by the wind. This presents the risk for the curtains to be snagged or damaged in some way. This should be taken into consideration when choosing both the style and fabric for the patio curtains.

Another important point is the reason for the curtains to be installed. If it is for decorative purposes, then more forethought should go into the preferred appearance. If it is for privacy, then the homeowner needs to decide if they want to obstruct the view but still allow natural light to filter into the room. If this is the case, fabrics such as sheer or lacey material are good options.

If complete privacy and light blockage is desired, a solid material will work best. A third reason for installing full length drapes is for energy efficiency. Insulated or lined drapes are a good choice for this purpose. The thicker curtains will help to reduce the loss of heat in the winter, and the patio door panel curtains will help to block the heating effects of the sun in the summer months.

Before purchasing the patio curtains, the homeowner should measure the area to be covered. Both the length and width need to be carefully measured. If using a thinner curtain fabric, the width should be tripled. If general drapery fabric is being used, then the width needs to be doubled for a proper fit. By adding the additional yardage, the curtains can be gathered and given a fuller appearance. Depending on the way that the doors open, two sets of curtains may be required. This will also mean that two sets of hardware for hanging the curtains will be required.

Using curtains to cover patio doors is an inexpensive option for the doors. The curtains can easily be replaced or even changed seasonally. The curtains can add character and appeal to the patio doors. The maintenance and care for curtains is generally fairly simple. The average cost for patio curtains at a discount department store is approximately $100.00.

Patio curtains are an innovative way to add character to patio doors. Curtains are also a great way to create desired privacy and to help the doors to be more energy efficient. When choosing patio door curtains, the options to choose from are countless.

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