Hanging curtains up in a room is the perfect way to add character and style. It’s a relatively easy task- the hardest part about it is picking out which curtains you want to buy. Well, that and making sure that the curtain rod is actually straight. While a crooked curtain rod may offer a sort of quirky appeal to some, for most it detracts considerably from the aesthetics of the room. The beauty of hanging curtains in a room is that you can alter the shape of the window. With longer curtains, it’s much easier to disguise a window that is too short. If you have a particularly wide window, you can make it seem less overwhelming by using several different panels of curtains.

Measure Your Window

Before you embark on a quest to pick out new curtains, make sure that you take the time to accurately measure the size of your windows. It would probably be a good idea to write these numbers down. After all, having to return the curtains that you just bought because you didn’t get the right size would be very frustrating- especially if you are eager to see them hanging up. If you have multiple windows in the room, this might take a little bit longer. However, this should be one of the shortest tasks when you are hanging up curtains.

Purchase the Curtains

Next, you will want to go pick out curtains that match the style and decorations in the room you wish to hang them. There are many different types of curtains, as well as lengths and colors. While you are shopping, make sure you take into consideration how much light you want let into the room. Some curtains are sheer, allowing a lot of natural light to seep through them. Others are made out of very thick material that will keep the room relatively dark. It all depends on your preferences and what you use the room for. Since there is no wrong choice, pick the ones that match your personality the best- hopefully the ones you choose are something that you can stand to look at every day!

Hang the Rod

The next step when you get back home from the store is to hang up the curtain rod. Make sure that it is several inches longer than the actual window so that you can completely cover it when you draw the curtains shut. You will want to use a level to ensure that you get it completely straight. If you don’t, your curtains will not hang properly- not to mention all the extra holes that you will have had to put in the wall so that you can correct your mistake. You will probably want to mark the spot on the wall where you want to put the holes so that you aren’t just guessing at it- a pencil works well for this. One of the easiest ways to check to see if you hung it up right is to take a few steps back so that you aren’t looking directly onto it anymore. Look at it in relation to the top of the window.

Hang the Curtains

Finally you’ve made it to the last step! Now it’s time to hang up the curtains and take a look at your handy work. Hopefully you find that they complement the furnishings in the room, and that they hang the way you hoped that they would. Don’t forget to periodically clean your new curtains so that they aren’t just a dust trap- most of the time just a gentle shake will do.

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