Buying a new couch is often expensive and stressful. Why not give your couch a makeover by covering it. There are many different ways of covering your couch. You can purchase custom cover or make your own.

Purchasing a Slip Cover:

Slip covers can be expensive. You can purchase slip covers from retail stores such as Bed, Bath, and Beyond for approximately $150 US. They are made with several different fabrics and colors, even some stain resistant materials. The disadvantage of buying a more generic slip cover is that they do not fit as well as custom made slip covers. Often, you will have to readjust the cover, but it can easily be removed for cleaning.

Many companies will sell slip covers specially made for your specific shape, size, and model couch; these can cost as much as $1,000 US for one cover. The advantage of these custom covers is that they are made from thick, durable fabrics that do not require much readjusting. They also can be removed easily to clean.

Homemade Covers:

If purchasing a slip cover is not in your budget, you can buy some fabric and make your own. Making your own couch cover is inexpensive and fun. You can choose to make a slip cover that will cover the entire couch or recover the cushions.

When making a slip cover, be sure to choose a thick, durable fabric. Canvas drop cloths can be an inexpensive option or you can use a large piece of cloth purchased from a fabric store. You can use fabric paint to add some color or a unique design to plain canvas. Cover the couch with the cloth and using a staple gun, pull the fabric tight and staple to the wooden frame that is under the couch. Enjoy your new and unique couch cover.

If you choose to cover the cushions, also select a fabric that is thick and durable. Before you start, take the cushions off the couch and measure the height, width, and length using a measuring tape. Write down the measurements and purchase the amount of fabric needed; its always helpful to purchase additional fabric incase of an accident. Be sure to avoid fabric that is rough and stiff; while you want a strong, durable fabric, you also want one that is comfortable to sit and lay on. You will also need matching thread and Velcro. Once you have all the supplies, you are ready to begin. Using the original cushions as a pattern, place a large piece of fabric on a table or other large, flat surface. Remember to put the pattern side of the fabric down. Placing the old cushion on the new fabric, mark around the cushion with a pencil or fabric marker. Always add a little extra fabric to allow room for seams and for the cover to slip over the cushion easily. Cut the fabric. Sew the front and back pieces together, sewing only 3 sides together. There should be 1 side left open so you can place your cushion inside the cover. Next, take the Velcro and sew (or stick, depending on the kind) it onto each side of the cover openings. Place your old cushion inside the new cover and pull the opening closed with the Velcro. Place the newly covered cushions back on the couch for a fresh, new look.


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