When tackling a bathroom-decorating project, finding the proper balance between style and privacy can often present a challenge when shopping for bathroom window curtains. Many people mistakenly believe it necessary to sacrifice fashion in the bathroom in order to maintain privacy.

While it is preferable to allow in as much natural light as possible in any bathroom, the question arises as how to achieve this. Often times a frosted adhesive privacy film is placed on the windows, but this can result in a drab window with little character. It is also prohibitive to enjoying any kind of view through the window. The good news is there are many options available when choosing bathroom window shower curtains.

Certain issues need to be considered before actually choosing curtains for a bathroom window. The most important element to remember is that a bathroom is a humid environment; therefore, the curtains should be able to tolerate a moist environment. Curtains that can stand up to frequent washings are important as well since they have a tendency to catch any dust floating about due to the moisture.

The d├ęcor and ambience of the bathroom should be given some thought before purchasing curtains so that the result is aesthetically pleasing. A poorly treated window will immediately draw the eye toward it, seriously detracting from the overall appearance of the room. It can also give the bathroom an unfinished feel.

In terms of privacy, considering the location of the bathroom will have a significant impact upon what bathroom window treatments should be used. Is the bathroom located on a side of the home that faces a busy street or a road with many passersby? If the bathroom is located on a side of the home that faces a wooded area where no one can see in, then a sheer curtain might be sufficient for the window.

Finally, a budget should be established. Bathrooms do not generally have a plethora of windows; however, the cost of vinyl bathroom window curtains can vary wildly in cost depending on the brand name or the material from which they are made. For example, a pair of simple cotton panels can purchased at a discount department store for as low as ten dollars. On the other hand, an upscale brand of the same type of curtains purchased at a specialty shop can be quite costly.

A functional and attractive way to treat a bathroom window is to hang blinds and top them with valances. The blinds can be opened to let light in when desired, and they can be closed when privacy is needed. The ideal blinds to purchase are vinyl or faux wood since, unlike wooden ones, they will stand up well to moisture. They can also easily be wiped clean. For an average size bathroom window, both vinyl and faux wood blinds will cost anywhere from around ten dollars to as much as eighty dollars or more. Topping the blinds with a pretty valance can provide a great deal of bang for the buck. As a rule, valances are not terribly expensive, yet they can give a bare window real pizzazz when coordinated with the colors of the bathroom.

As mentioned before, when the room is situated in an area of the home where privacy is not a pressing issue, a great choice for bathroom curtains is sheers. Light sheer curtains diffuse the direct harsh rays of the sun while still allowing plenty of light to filter into the room. Ideally, if sheers are hung on other windows in the home, all colors should match. When viewing a house from the outside, mismatched sheers on the windows create a very inconsistent appearance.

A final type of popular bathroom window treatment is a window-length drapery. These come in a wide variety of headings including tab top, rod pocket, pleated, and grommet top depending on the desired appearance of the window. Another option to consider is the type of curtain rod to coordinate with the bathroom curtains. These can be metal or wooden with simple or fancy finials. Not only do drapes come in a vast array of materials, colors, and styles, but they can be tied back to allow light in, or they can be closed when privacy is necessary.

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