White Roman ShadesWhite Roman Shades

When choosing window treatments, roman blinds are a classic and versatile option, and the most classic is a white roman shade.

You might think white blinds are a decorating cliche but you should think again. Because you can custom order or make these shades in any suitable weight fabric, and mount them either within the window casing or across the front of your window, you really have a lot of options, especially when you consider that you can hang them from almost any sort of decorative curtain rod, or use a more basic blind-type mounting. You can also combine these blinds with draperies, valances, and other decorative frames, such as dried vines and flowers.

These shades are available for every budget, and can even be made as a do it yourself project by someone clever with a sewing machine. Discount department stores often stock budget premade roman shades in a variety of materials. Or, if price is no object, custom roman shades can be made to your specifications with your choice of white fabric, and installed by professionals.

For a traditional room you might choose a white damask of either vertical striping or a floral motif. A more modern room might need a touch of texture, so burlap or linen or bamboo might be great choices. In an elegant setting a raw silk or silk moire might be the fabric of choice.

White roman shades can also be trimmed in a variety of ways, with ribbon, fringe or other types of trim of either the same color or in one of the other room colors. A matching or contrasting valance in a scallop or V silhouette can add further visual interest.

Using a drapery rod that complements the room style will enhance the appearance of your roman blinds. With the various types of curtain rods available, you can really have some fun in choosing what will work. Just be sure to choose the hardware carefully, to allow enough clearance for the folds when the shades are pulled up.

Because these shades are essentially one piece, they can be lined for extra insulation to help stop drafts and cold from entering in the winter, or made as room darkening shades for those whose schedules require them to sleep in daytime. Some premade roman shades have rubber backed insulation. You might choose to have an unlined summer set of roman style blinds, to allow filtered light into the room, and a lined winter set for added room warmth. They’re easily switched out, especially if they’re rod mounted.

Another choice for consideration is a double roman blind. This is actually two separate roman shades, one mounted atop the other, each with its own mechanism for raising and lowering. In this situation, the one closest to the window is usually the sheer summer shade, with the one closest to the room being the heavier weight shade. This type of window installation allows flexibility, since you can vary up the levels on both shades, depending on how much light you wish to allow into the room, or whether you need maximum privacy or insulation.

When determining what size shade you’ll need, you’ll first need to decide if it will be an inside mount or an outside mount. You might also use a level to determine if your windows are square prior to mounting your new blinds. Some older homes that have settled need shimming when mounting the shades, so that the blinds won’t hang askew.

Do be aware that some older roman blind styles use cords. The Window Covering Safety Council is now recommending cordless blinds for any room where small children will live. Mounting a cord bracket on older installations, and using it when children are visiting, will keep cords out of little hands.

How do you clean your new white roman shade? Vacuuming with a brush attachment will keep it looking fresh.

So if you’re looking for a great window treatment option, consider a white roman shade.

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