Curtain rods enhance the look of your curtains and provide a charming decorative accessory to any room in your home. Curtains and drapes are generally suspended from wood curtain rods. The rods serve to pull together any number of textures, patterns and colors, while adding style and reflecting your personality. They can be found in a wide variety of shapes and styles ranging from contemporary to traditional, simple to exotic. It is just a question of your personal taste and a touch of imagination.

There are hundreds of rod designs. Home decorating shows, magazines and model homes are excellent sources for ideas on how to pair rods with the room and window treatments. The rods can be found in a whole host of materials including glass, stained or painted wood, brass, iron and resin. Wooden rods are some of the most popular due to their versatility. They can be found ready made or carved to order, ranging in price from very affordable to expensive. They can be made to match the wood furniture in the room or painted to accent the color of the curtains or room decor. The results speak for themselves. Iron rods are very durable and suitable for heavier curtains and they require little maintenance. Metal rods are also growing in popularity with a wide array of choices such as brass and chrome. Today rods have evolved from traditional poles to remarkable works of art, skill and design. Installing the rods today is easy and convenient and in many cases requires little or no hardware.

Finials create the finished look. They are the decorative pieces at the ends of the rod, holding the curtains in place. The shapes of the finials are also very versatile and can be found in home decor or drapery stores ready made or custom made to your taste. They can be bold or or delicate imparting bright accents or a soft natural look to the room’s decor. Prices for the rods and finials range from single digit to double digit.

Other popular styles of rods, include, spring tension rods, magnetic rods, sash rods, cafe rods, tiebacks, traverse rods and Euro style pivoting rods.

Spring rods are the easiest to install since they do not require hardware and fit to the inside of the window. A spring inside the rod expands to the windows measurements holding the curtain in place. Magnetic rods come with heavy magnets attached and adhere to metal surfaces also requiring no hardware. Sash rods are placed above the window and slightly below it to give the window a shirred look. Tiebacks are the easiest components to incorporate into any decor. These anchor to the wall securing drapery panels away from the window. Lace curtains, shades or blinds can be hung underneath to add some privacy while enhancing the rooms lighting. Traverse rods have a pulley system, which allows opening and closing of drapes from the side by pulling on a string.

Curved rods are an excellent treatment for curved or bay windows. There are many variations of drapery hardware that can be found for curved windows ranging from decorative wood carvings on the rods to brass, chrome or metal ones.

Want to go whimsical? Branches can make a fun and creative window treatment. Simply remove the leaves and sand the any rough areas so as not to snag the curtains. The rods can be mounted with L-brackets. Free and requiring little effort, they can transform a dorm room or an apartment into a real conversation piece.

When installing your rods, it is extremely important to first measure your windows before hanging the curtains. Window sizes are not standard for all homes. Measure the outside part of your window or the area where the curtain rod will mount. Additional tips can be found at Utah Luxury.

By adding your personal taste and a touch of imagination, your choice of window curtain rods will add flair to your window treatments and the right combination can turn your room into showcase quality. Made for practical as well as decorative purposes, in the end, curtain rods will serve to enhance the overall beauty of your home.


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