Adding blinds to one’s windows can alter the atmosphere of the room. Whether one wants to create a tropical feel with wood blinds or are looking to cover a large space and give height to the room with vertical blinds, there are many choices. However, if one does not measure correctly the windows correctly before installing their blinds, it can cause the product to not be level or not fit the space altogether. When measuring a window before installing one’s new blinds, one must be as precise as possible.

When one is measuring, they must first consider whether the blinds they are mounting the product on the inside or the outside of the window. An inside mount provides a much cleaner look and is the most common. However, consumers choose to feature an outside mount when they need their window to appear larger and are attempting to conceal as much light as possible.

If one decides to mount their blinds on the inside, one first needs to measure the width of the window with steel tape. By using steel tape, the consumer is cutting down the opportunity for inaccurate measurements. The measurements need to accurate within 1/8 an inch or less in order to fit the window comfortably. One should begin by measuring the width in three different sections of the window. Most windows are not completely square so one should not be surprised if each of their measurements vary significantly. The narrowest measurement taken for the width is the one that should be recorded. Next, one should measure the height in the three separate locations of the window. The longest measurement will be the one recorded and used for installation.

If one needs to enlarge the appearance of their window, choosing an outside mount may work best for them. One should measure the width and the height to the desired coverage. Outside mounts are the perfect solution when one is looking to ensure the maximum amount of privacy in an a room. One must remember, though, to leave the correct amount of space for the mounting brackets. Mounting brackets are usually around three inches tall at the maximum. To compensate for the size of the brackets, it is suggested that the consumer adds only an inch to an inch and a half to the measurements of their window. This will make the blinds fit more comfortably and still provide the desired amount of coverage.

Vertical window treatments, however, always need a more space added to their measurements. The consumer should consider adding around five inches to their measurements if they are installing vertical blinds. This will ensure an easier installation and a cleaner look when the blinds are shut. Vertical blinds are a great choice for those looking to cover a larger space and still allow a great deal of light into the room, as the blinds can be adjusted from left to right.

Installing blinds into a window can change the entire look of a room. Measuring the blinds correctly ensures the product and the installation will last the consumer without having to make future adjustments. The consumer can have the perfect look in any room and window just by following these few measurement tips.

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