A white jewelry armoire isn’t just a place to store your jewelry. It is a statement of femininity, elegance, and beauty. Finding a design that expresses your decorating style should not be difficult. There are many options available at very affordable prices. When selecting an armoire, keep in mind that most floor models require space on each side to accommodate the side doors that open up to necklace hooks.

Almost any young girl would love to have a white jewelry armoire, especially if she has watched her mother carefully selecting cherished items from her armoire. A young girl would most likely not need as much space for her jewelry as an adult lady would. A small white wooden jewelry armoire should have sufficient storage space for her necklaces, bracelets, and rings. A very popular choice for a young girl’s room is a white armoire with hand painted floral designs on it. You can easily find one of these for around $100. It makes a very attractive addition to the room. You can accessorize the room in correlation to the floral colors.

If you are a lady who loves jewelry, likes organization, but has limited space in your bedroom, you can still enjoy the pleasure of a antique jewelry armoire. There is a style designed to fit over a door. You can hang it over your bedroom door or closet door. This style has a mirror that allows you to inspect your appearance before leaving the room. Although it is not as large as some floor models, it still provides a good amount of organized storage space for your jewelry. The cost for an over the door jewelry armoire is around $100. When space is minimal, this is an excellent option.

There are numerous styles of white jewelry armoires to choose from if you have the space available in your bedroom. Many styles are priced less than $200. There is an Alexis armoire made in a Queen Anne style that has a lift top for jewelry, four drawers for additional storage space, a specific section for rings and side openings with space for necklaces. This particular model provides a large amount of space at a very reasonable price. Solid white furniture pieces look appropriate in a room designed in a contemporary style, cottage style, eclectic style, traditional or transitional style.

If bright white is a bit too stark for your decorating taste, you might want to choose an armoire in antique white. There are some very elegant armoires that fit into this decorating category. J C Penny is just one place where you can find an elegant antique white armoire with hand painted floral designs on it. It has plenty of storage space and can be a stunning addition to your bedroom.

A French Garden antique white armoire is slightly more expensive, has a little more storage area, and has a more elegant appearance than some of the lesser priced designs. Antique white or aged white armoires have a softer more soothing appearance to them. They are a perfect compliment to a country style bedroom or a bedroom with a subtle, subdued decor.

Another style of white wash jewelry armoires is the wall mounted version. These are another good option when space is limited. Most have a mirrored front. This reflective feature can help visually expand the space in the room as well as give you a place for checking your appearance. Some wall mounted styles can be locked. Some are designed with a removable storage tray for added convenience. They all have specifically designated spaces for various pieces of jewelry. This gives you the same organizational quality that larger armoires provide.

As with most furniture items, you can find white wall mounted jewelry armoires in prices much higher than those mentioned here. You should select a style and price that you are most comfortable with. It isn’t the price of the armoire that gives you that special feeling that a woman gets when she walks over to her personal treasure chest to select one or more items of adornment for the day or evening. It seems to be that just opening the armoire and seeing your beautiful jewelry carefully stored in its own special place generates an uplifting feeling.

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