Cooking Corn
Cooking Corn

To cook and eat that perfect ear of corn, an important item to know is how long do you boil the corn. This question has many answers. It all depends on if you like your corn crunchy, or soft and squishy. The longer it is left to boil, the softer it will become and there is more of a chance it will acquire a vegetable taste.

These are just some guidelines on how long the corn needs to be boiled, and some ideas on when the husks should be removed.

1. If the corn is fresh from your own garden, 40 minutes is the perfect length of time for boiling. This
will make the corn nice and soft.

2. Fresh or store bought corn should be boiled for only six to nine minutes. It should be put in the water
after the water has boiled. This corn will not be as soft or mushy.

3. Ten minutes is a popular boiling time. Also adding sugar to the boiling water is getting more common
to sweeten the taste of the corn.

4. Fifteen to twenty minutes is a good length of time if you don’t want the corn too crunchy or too soft.

5. The perfect time to boil the corn is right after the husk is peeled off and the silk is removed. Then be sure
that the water has already boiled and the corn is ready to be cooked.

6. Another tasty way to boil the corn is to first put it in a pot of cold water. Cover the pot and bring the water
to a boil. When the water has begun to boil, the corn is ready to enjoy.

7. To boil the corn in water that is already boiled, start with cold water. Bring this very cold water to a boil
and drop the corn into the pot. Return the water to a boil. Take it out after five minutes or so and taste
it. This will determine if it is ready to eat.

8. Although sugar is great to add to the boiling corn, salt is never a good idea. However, salt can be put on
the corn after it is removed from the water. This adds a great taste, and sugar and salt together is
delicious. A small amount of lemon juice can also be added to the boiling water.

9. The shorter the time the corn is boiling, the sweeter it will taste. Keep this in mind, also, when boiling it.

When it comes to figuring out how long to boil corn, everyone has a different opinion, and everyone enjoys their corn a different way. However, these are good tips to follow when getting ready to boil that corn and enjoy it the way that you like.

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