Home and business surveillance systems have unfortunately become an absolute necessity in many parts of the U.S. due to higher than average crime rates. Millions of burglaries and home invasions occur each year due to inadequate or nonexistent security measures. Video surveillance security systems, when installed properly, can not only thwart or aid in the prosecution of burglars and vandals but they can also help businesses and home owners keep an eye on the day to day activities of their respective property and employees.

The technology, in terms of video surveillance, has evolved greatly over the years. The standards of using simple black and white cameras in conjunction with closed circuit televisions have been replaced with state of the art components that utilize high resolution color, wide angle cameras with night vision capability in some cases. Digital recording mediums have also become a preferable alternative to standard VHS tape recorders. For those who want to pick up the older black and white CCV (closed circuit video) systems, they can often be purchased for less than $50 for a typical two camera, one monitor setup. The more elaborate high technology solutions can range from $100 to thousands of dollars, depending upon the needs of the customer. Wireless surveillance camera systems, which are now available, can allow for easy and quick installations but often require batteries that need to be checked and replaced periodically.

The Internet has also provided the average home or business owner with the option of keeping tabs on their interests by allowing them to control and view the cameras from the convenience of their enabled PDA, smart phone or computer. While these technologies are extremely advanced, they are quite affordable for the average consumer. Many options are available when it comes to pricing and options. Some surveillance equipment made by certain manufacturers can be easily tied into component home security alarm systems in order to produce an iron clad peace of mind.

Surveillance cameras ,as well as voice recorders, can come in many different forms. Nanny Cams have become popular as child and elderly abuse cases among care givers has been on a dramatic rise across the country. Some parents have elected to purchase these small, yet inconspicuous, cameras to confirm suspected abuses, which in turn can be used to prosecute the persons who commit these crimes.

Spy cams are available to the general public as well. Similar to Nanny Cams, these little cameras can take the form of common items found around the home or office. One of the most popular types of spy cams has to be the unsuspected spy pen variety. This example looks like a pen and even functions the same as any other ball point pen found on the market today. Flash memory technology found in common USB memory sticks can also be found in a small video recorder such as a spy pen. For the more adventurous person, one could create their own covert camera system using miniature pinhole style cameras and a little imagination.

Although surveillance technology is available to anyone, the manner in which it can be used legally is determined on the state and federal level. It is important for the consumer to learn exactly how the devices can be used and where they can be used. While video and or sound recording components can be used by home owners and business in order to protect and prosecute, criminals have also used this technology to aid in their less than honorable activities as well. Some states ban the legal use of recorded telephone conversations unless both parties are aware of the conversation being recorded.

Surveillance cameras and voice recorders alike can be purchased at many local department stores, as well as Internet retailers in the United States. Before committing to buy any of these components, it is important for the consumer to do a far amount of research when it comes to the quality and features the product claims to have. Using the Internet to find out what other consumers have experienced with a prospective system can be one of the best ways to determine which type or brand would be best for your home or business needs.

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