In the quest to find a unique and exciting storage solution for their kids, parents now have a great medium that will fit this need by way of kids storage lockers.

Funky, brightly colored, and just down right exciting, these home storage lockers for kids are multifunctional. In addition to providing a sturdy, cool storage space, they also add a bit of pizzazz where there was a lack of.

Available in a variety of colors and heights, these unique storage spaces are the perfect addition to a child’s bedroom or playroom.

Knowing what’s available is one thing, deciding on which one to purchase is another.

Therefore, when deciding what storage locker would work best for your child, here’s what parents should keep in mind: 1. the size, height, and style of the locker, 2. what type of materials it was manufactured from, 3. the color and motif of the storage locker, 4. the locker’s condition, 5. How it will be safely secured, and 6. the price you’re willing to pay.

Size, Height, and Style.

Storage lockers for kids come in a variety of heights, sizes, and styles.

There are tall plastic storage lockers that fit right up against the wall, ones that are of medium height that can double as a night stand, as well as storage foot lockers that fit at the foot of the bed, or underneath depending on their height dimensions.

As for sizes and styles, metal storage lockers for kids are available in hutch, bookshelf and tower style, with wheels and without, and are available in tall, medium and mini sizes.

So how do you determine which one is right for your child?

Tip 1: If it’s your child’s art supplies, baskets or toys you’re looking to store, the medium kids storage locker with wheels is a great match.

Tip 2: If it’s your child’s videos, DVD’s, or CD’s that need storage space, the hutch storage locker is the way to go.

Tip 3: If it’s your child’s jackets, shoes, and sports equipment you need to store, then the tall luggage storage lockers are your best bet.

Tip 4: Need to store your child’s books? Then the tall thin bookshelf storage locker is the perfect fit.

The Material The Locker Is Made Of.

Depending on the desired maintance level, determining what the storage locker is made of is of extreme importance as well.

If you want a kids storage locker that requires little to no maintenance, a locker that is made from a combination of industrial strength powder coated square tubing, sheet steel and bar stock, would be perfect since the upkeep only requires a quick wipe-down with a wet or dry cloth.

Whereas, kids wood storage lockers made from wood, wood composites, or MDF wood laminate, may require a little more upkeep than you‘re willing to perform.

The Color and Motif.

Unlike the steel storage lockers of the school yard, these unique lockers for kids are made available in bright and exiting colors such as orange poppy, purple grape, and salsa red.
Motif’s ranging from camouflage to major sports teams are available as well.

With such a great selection, parents should be able to find a storage locker that will definitely please their youngster.

The Storage Locker’s Condition.

Before purchasing any item for their child, parents should always perform a complete and thorough inspection. The same practice should apply to inspecting a kids storage locker.

Therefore, parents should check for: 1. Peeling paint, 2. Loose screws, 3. Working shelves and doors, 4. Working latches or handles, 5. Steady hanging rods, and 6. Sturdy legs.

How The Locker Will Be Safely Secured.

Especially when packed with heavy items, bulk storage lockers may have a tendency to tip over, thereby becoming a potential safety hazard to your child.

The best way to prevent such accidents, is by ensuring that the lockers are safely secured to the wall by way of sturdy wall brackets.

The Price You Can Afford.

Depending on where they are purchased and what size or style they come in, parents can expect to pay between $40 to $200 for a kids storage locker, and can purchase them online or at your local Target retailer.

Whether it’s toys, books, shoes, clothing, or sports equipment, garage storage lockers for kids are an essential storage tool that’ll fit both the needs of the parents and the child alike.

It’s the perfect blending of vibrant storage and organizational miracle.

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