Various reasons exist for wanting to convert a garage to be used for other purposes. For people who don’t mind parking their cars on the street and empty garage may bother them. It is true that empty garages could be used for storage, but this is a quick way to becoming a pack rat. Try not to clutter your empty garage too much because then you won’t have any place to hold your new:

Home Gym: Convert your empty garage into a home gym tailored to you and your goals. Fill it up with the newest cardio equipment or the heaviest muscle building equipment.

Home Office: Work out of your home to eliminate your commute or spend more time with your kids. This set up is most ideal for small business owners who work for themselves. While it is possible to convince your boss at a traditional job to let you telecommute to work, it isn’t very likely.

Studio: For the artist in all of us, turn your unused garage into a full working art studio. This doesn’t have to just mean canvas and paints, sculptors can mold works of art, writers can create novels, singers can record music, bands can practice, and creativity can generally flow.

Studio Apartment: This is great if you live near any college towns. Turn your empty garage into a low rent studio apartment perfect for single students. You can charge a little more to include your tenant at family dinner and install a private door that leads directly to the outside so that he or she doesn’t have to walk through the house to get home. You can offer to furnish or not, the choice is yours. Keep in mind, however, that not a lot college kids can afford to fully furnish their places, so any generosity you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Storage Unit: Just because you don’t want to be a pack rat doesn’t mean that you can’t make a few bucks off of another person’s desire to be a pack rat. Charge people to store items in your garage for a monthly free. You can store odds and ends of different people or rent your entire garage to one person.

Tutoring Lab: Use your empty garage as a quiet room to tutor students. Tutor individual students for hourly payment or tutor more than one on the same subject for a discounted rate.

Family Room: This is the place where the whole family can go to unwind. The kids can throw their toys around and the parents don’t have to worry about spills. Stock it with the cheapest furniture to keep replacement costs low. This is more than a fun room; this is a family fun room. Teach all members of the house that this is the only room where they can make a mess and be noisy in, but every other room in the house was off limits.

Man Cave: If you’ve never heard of it, it’s basically a place where men can go to unwind. It’s the young and hip version of dad’s study. Similar to a family room, minus the family. In stock items will involve a large television and any liquid that you have to be over than 21 to drink.

Retail Shop: These days, anybody can become a retailer of anything. Create yourself a website, post some items for sale, and keep them stocked in your garage while you wait to fill orders.

Auto Hobby Area: If the wife agrees, keep yourself busy on weekends by fixing up junk cars. An entire garage to move around in will make the job much more enjoyable, too.

Club Meeting Room: Enhance your social circles by forming your own clubs. They can be book clubs, product clubs, entertainment clubs, it doesn’t matter. Just come up with a name and start advertising meetings in your garage. You’ll meet new people and learn new things.

Whether you want a large and quite place to practice your favorite hobby or if you just want to make a couple of extra bucks every month, a garage conversion is a perfect option. The above list if is full of great ideas of ways that people can effectively utilize their empty or unused garages, but it is by no means a complete list. Take time to examine what it is you want to achieve with your garage conversion and what resources you have available to you.

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