Have you managed to kill off all of your houseplants? Maybe you should try growing a cactus instead. There is no shame in admitting that you don’t have a green thumb. Instead of killing off yet another spider plant, choose a cactus or other succulent to grow in your home. If you’re constantly forgetting to water your plants, a cactus could be the perfect choice for you.

Although cacti do not need as much water as other plants, they do still need water. You should water your cactus when the top inch of soil is dry. However, the amount of water needed varies depending on the season. You should water your cactus less during the winter and more during the summer when it is growing. Whatever you do, never set the pot in a coaster filled with water as you might with other types of houseplants. This will result in the cactus getting too much water, which could kill it.

Another thing cacti need is sunlight. That should be pretty obvious, since they grow naturally in the desert. A sunny windowsill provides enough light for most cactus plants. You can move your cactus to the outdoors during the summer if you prefer, but it is best to put it in a location that is shaded at least part of the day for the first two weeks. That will help prevent your plant from going into shock from the sudden change of moving from indoors to direct sunlight outdoors.

You can buy cacti in the garden center of many large stores or at your local nursery. It is best to start with a plant for your first cactus so you don’t have to wait a long time for the seeds to grow. Cactus seeds can over a year to start growing, so growing cacti from seed is not for everyone.

When you buy your cactus from the nursery, it will usually come in a temporary pot and will need to be re-potted once you get it home. It is a good idea to buy a slightly larger pot than the one you purchased the plant in. Many nursery plants are in pots that they have outgrown, and even if they aren’t in a pot that is too small now, the plant will continue growing after you get it home. Since you have to buy a new pot anyhow, you might as well get one that will last for awhile.

When transplanting your cactus into the new pot, use potting mix for the soil. It is a good idea to mix some extra sharp sand into the top inch of the potting soil. Don’t water the cactus immediately after transplanting it. It is best to wait a few days. Now that your cactus is in its new pot, all you have to do is water it occasionally and take pride in the fact that you now have a houseplant that won’t be easy to kill.

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