One of the easiest and most affordable ways to add flair, style, and ambiance to a home’s interior or exterior is to install new light fixtures. Light fixtures are readily available at almost any home improvement store or hardware store. The square ceiling light is a classic style that can be installed in any home. Styles may vary from ultra-modern to vintage looks. These fixtures look great indoors or outdoors and will add style and functionality to your home. There is a square glass ceiling light that will look great in any décor a home may have.

One of the best features of the square ceiling light is the vast array of style options to choose from. Some of the options available to the consumer are: single lights that hang from the ceiling, three or four light hanging fixtures, flush mounted fixtures, and more modern designs that range from intricate to sleek designs. The light fixture’s hardware also allows the consumer many options. There are styles that have glass panes around the light bulb, stainless steel rods, brushed nickel, chrome plating, brass, or plastic covers, just to name a few of the many options. Some modern styles even include different woods to choose from.

One of the best uses for an outdoor square ceiling light is as a security light. There are many products that use motion sensors to turn the light on. This is a great way to alert a household that someone has neared the front door if the light is installed in the entry way to a home. This will not only provide security, but is also a convenience when a bright light is not needed. Most outdoor square ceiling lights that are equipped with a motion detector have a thirty foot range and a 360 degree sensor. Outdoor ceiling lights are also very functional for those who do not want a motion sensor. There are many options for a standard light that will fit most homeowner’s needs. They can be equipped with a low wattage bulb or a frosted glass cover to allow a soft, warm, and welcoming light for home’s entry way. Another option for an over the door light, interior or exterior, is a high wattage bulb with a clear cover that will allow great visibility for one’s family and guests. A more unique option is a light with a fabric cover that creates a pleasant, ambient light source.

A square recessed ceiling light is a great addition to any room of the house. One of the most popular places to install this type of light is a bathroom. For a smaller bathroom, one light may be perfect. In larger bathrooms, a series of ceiling lights look great. A square ceiling light is also a nice touch in a bedroom. The ceiling light will free up space and can make a room look larger by eliminating the need for stand up lamps. With the various wattage options available in the bulbs, one can create any level of illumination that can be desired.

The size specifications are also important when considering which type of light to install. Square ceiling lights come in a variety of depths, widths, and lengths. This allows the consumer to decide whether they would like to purchase a very large light or maybe even a few smaller lights, depending on the size and décor of a room. The design options are truly enormous.

If you are considering changing or adding light fixtures in your home, consider a square ceiling light. These lights can be found in a myriad of shops, from designer boutiques to your local hardware store. They are a great way to add subtle charm to a room or to make a great first impression to your home.

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