Flush Ceiling Lights can be a beautiful addition to any home. With the light being flush against the ceiling, they are wonderful space savers. They will, also, give the room a larger look with higher ceilings. These lights come in a wide range of colors and styles and are not very expensive. They can be used as the main light source in a room or just an accent light. It is completely up to you. With a dollar figure starting under twenty dollars, you can afford to have all flush ceiling mount lights throughout your home.

So, what is a flush ceiling light? A flush ceiling light is a light fixture that has only one piece that connects to, and is flush, with the ceiling. The rest of the fixture, such as the light bulb and cover, hang from the ceiling. You will find these in homes and in some places of business. The odds are, if you have a light fixture on the ceiling in your home, it is a flush ceiling light.

Now that you know what one is, lets look at the different styles of flush ceiling mount lights. There are several styles to choose from, no matter what your taste. If you like a more elegant look with dim lighting, the Arts & Crafts style may be for you. If you are more interested in contemporary arts, you would love the Classical Revival style. There is, also, a Colonial Revival style which has an antique finish. The Deco style of flush mount ceiling lights are more bulky, yet they have a modern look. They will easily match stainless steel appliances. If you are looking for a more sophisticated style, then Old World may interest you more. The Period Basic style has a quiet, peaceful look. These are great for libraries and wine rooms. Last but not least, is the Victorian style. These have a high-class polished brass finish and are very detailed.

One of the greatest benefits of flush ceiling lights is that there is no longer a need for lamps sitting on your floor or table. This will leave plenty of room for more furniture and decoration in your home. Regular lights emit light that will hit directly in ones eyes. Flush ceiling lights let the light bounce off of the ceiling so that it is diffused. As the light scatters around the room, it will make the room brighter and seem larger. Another benefit of these lights is that they give your home a more streamlined look, with no clutter. They can, also, be great energy savers if you use fluorescent light bulbs, instead of incandescent bulbs. However, you will receive the same benefits of an incandescent bulb. Flush ceiling lights use 40W to 100W light bulbs. These are, generally, less expensive than light bulbs that are used in track lighting. The last benefit of flush ceiling lighting is it can be installed in seven easy steps.

Installing a flush ceiling light:

  1. Connect the ground wires.
  2. Connect the neutral wires.
  3. Connect the hot wires.
  4. Install the light using the cap nuts or bolts that are included in the box with the light.
  5. Install the nipple for the shade.
  6. Install the light bulbs.
  7. Install the shade.

As far as the characteristics of flush ceiling lights, there are not many. Actually, there are only two. Flush ceiling lights use 40W to 100W light bulbs. You should never use a lower or higher wattage light bulb. The only other thing that makes a flush ceiling light a flush ceiling light is that one side of the lamp will be flush against the ceiling, once installed and connected.

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