A problem many people face when moving into an older home are outdated appliances and fixtures. While most homeowners will choose to simply replace them, their are limitations to what people can do if they are only renting. Many apartment complexes will not allow their tenants to remove any fixtures and replace with one of their choice. Even if they do allow a renter to remove a lighting fixture, they will have to okay it and the renter can not take it to their next place when they do decide to leave. Many homeowners are not able to invest in purchasing a new light fixture if they are on a tight budget. Luckily, there is an alternative to replacing a lighting fixture all together. Ceiling light covers range in design, size, and style but they all serve as a way to reface a lighting fixture and change the amount of light that is released.

The cheaper designs of these covers are usually just film or lightweight covers that clip on over the bulb of the existing ceiling light. They are typically purchased only to alter the amount of light coming in but don’t necessarily make any difference in the actual appearance of the fixture. When somebody is unhappy with the color of the light bulb, they often will just change the bulb to a more attractive one. However, it doesn’t change how much light comes in and with some fixtures, it makes no difference in how the room is lit. Purchasing a light cover to fit over the existing fixture will reface it and give the room a different hue when turned on.

One of the most common problems that people complain about their existing light fixtures is the old fashioned design. While a simple hanging light is typically fine, some apartments or homes may feature outdated fixtures popular during the 70′s or 80′s. This could be a huge problem for somebody who wants their home to look modern and new. Purchasing a ceiling light cover that reflects the current trends in homes will make the resident feel much more satisfied with their light. There are a variety of popular styles in light covers currently ranging from frosted glass to an almost florescent film that is slipped over. Choosing a cover should be determined by the rest of the styles in a home and what finished look the resident desires.

Many people are unsure about purchasing ceiling fan light covers for their fixtures because they are unsure about the quality, installation, and authentication of it. Luckily, many covers are very simple to install. As described here, eHow: How To Install Ceiling Light Cover, the covers can be set up in less then ten minutes without any hardware or power tools. This is a relief for people living in apartments since they typically cannot drill holes or alter with the existing fixture at all. Along with the easy installation, they are very easy to remove when it is time to take them down. It’s as simple as popping off the cover and the lighting fixture will revert to how it was initially.

Freshening up an old lighting fixture by purchasing ceiling fluorescent light covers for a home could give the home a whole new look. Instead of letting an old light fixture ruin the whole flow of a room, a resident can simply buy a light cover ranging anywhere between $5 to over $50 in order. Depending on the style and details of the cover, they are typically very affordable and simple to install, making the whole process a breeze. Putting up new covers over old lighting fixtures can instantly turn a room into a more inviting and modern place, without damaging the old fixture or ceiling.

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