Whether purchased as a new fixture for a renovated farmhouse or just to add a splash of old world decor, a rustic ceiling light can make all the difference in a room. Rustic pieces of furniture, appliances, and lighting fixtures all share a few basic principles. Typically they show some natural or man made wear to give them an old country style. Many of the lights found at antique stores and department stores come in neutral colors such as a brassy brown, chipped black, or sand paper beige.

Choosing a ceiling light with a rustic touch should be determined by the rest of the homes style. Buying a vintage styled lighting fixture but failing to match the rest of the furniture to it will create an unbalanced room that doesn’t flow well together. In order to keep the rustic style present in a room without going overboard, it’s important to buy smaller accessories and pieces that reflect the design of the ceiling light.

Many homeowners enjoy mixing and matching different pieces to create one completed look. While it is usually encouraged to be creative and try combining two different styles, rustic pieces should remain with other decor that reflect the same vintage look. Rustic pieces typically brings to mind country style with lots of natural colors, simple designs, and whimsical details.

Luckily for younger homeowners, the rustic style has branched out much further then what was around twenty or thirty years ago. Modern and country can be combined by purchasing a rustic ceiling light that has clean lines and a simple design. Combining different styles with rustic decor can look polished off when enough little accessories are added around a room to bring it all together.

When people talk about what rustic style means, they often think of furniture that is found at an antique store or recovered from an old home. However, there are many stores which sell lighting fixtures and such that have that rustic look to them. This is great news for people looking to sell their homes eventually, because old appliances and fixtures can be a major turn off to buyers. Buying a a rustic lighting fixture that appears as vintage but can work properly with energy efficient light bulbs is a huge relief for those that love the antique style but do not wish to deal with the old wiring and bulb compatibilities which come with purchasing an old fixture.

One of the last things to keep in mind when purchasing any rustic pieces, whether brand new or picked up from an antique store, is their maintenance. Buying a lighting fixture from a department store in its original packaging will typically ensure that its going to remain in good shape for many years to come as long as it is properly taken care of. An antique piece will require extra care since it already has years of wear on it. Many rustic fixtures have signs of wear already which adds to the charm of buying a country styled piece.

A homeowner needs to be careful that they do not put more stress on the fixture and end up causing more damage to the piece such as breaking off fragile pieces or chipping the paint. Since the fixture will be hung from the ceiling, it’s important to figure out how to do the wiring before it is bought as well. Improper installation could lead to damages either to the ceiling or to the fixture itself.

Rustic ceiling lighting is often times an ideal way to add some old world charm to a new home. While the whimsical style of rustic is often admired by many, others may be intimidated that it will make their home seemed aged. However, there are many ways to combine vintage style with a more updated look. Taking modern furniture in a home and adding splashes of rustic style such as a lighting fixture, picture, or vase, will allow the room to blend together the styles and create a completely unique look. As long as the rustic style is kept alive by little details along with all of the new furniture pieces, the homeowner can successfully create a perfect blend of old world style and modern day trends.

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