Area rugs come in many styles and shapes and round rugs are ever popular due to their beauty, versatility and functionality. Round throw rugs can be much less expensive than fitted carpets, they are durable, easy to maintain and are made for indoor as well as outdoor use. The fabrics are natural or synthetic, hand woven or factory made.

Round area rugs have many uses, both practical and decorative. While serving a purpose they also enhance the beauty and décor of a room. Because they are not anchored to the floor, round rugs provide for ease in cleaning, as many are machine washable, can be spot cleaned or easily transportable to professional dry-cleaning establishments.

Round rugs serve practical purposes when used in high traffic areas to protect the underlying flooring, under dining tables to prevent chairs from scratching hard surfaces, and in kitchens by the sink to catch spills. Due to their stain resistance, they are used in entryways, laundry rooms, and basements. Braided round rugs made for bathrooms are made to resist bacteria, mold and mildew from water splashes. Depending on your decorating scheme, round wool rugs can be interchanged with other rooms that have compatible colors.

Round area rugs, which are hand woven or loomed from wools, cottons, linens and other natural fibers, can provide beautiful accents to formal living areas as well as casual areas. The size, texture and patterns when carefully selected to compliment the décor can turn the rug into the focal point of a room enhancing its charm and feel. A smaller throw rug can give a spacious feel to empty corner spaces in larger rooms and with the addition of a lovely table and chair or desk can provide for a cozy “off –to- the- side” study nook.

Depending on the fiber and size, area rugs can range from very inexpensive to very costly. Many synthetic or man made rugs are made to mimic the look of natural fiber rugs and are less expensive while providing the same aesthetic look Larger, imported hand loomed rugs, those made with intricate detail and finer materials, while much more expensive can transform rooms into unforgettable pristine and inviting living areas.

When purchasing your choice of area rug there are several factors to consider. Will it be used in high traffic areas such as halls or entry ways, or will it be used mostly for decorative purposes in formal dining or living rooms that are less frequented? Going with the less expensive durable, machine washable fabrics is more appropriate for high traffic areas. They are inexpensive to replace and can be updated with new seasonal colors and themes for a change in décor. The rugs are easy to clean and if not machine washable, can be spot cleaned and most are already treated for stain resistance. Outdoor rugs can simply be hosed off since they are already made to be weather resistant.

Those rugs used for more elegant décor, which have been loomed from natural fibers also require little maintenance. They can be vacuumed and spot cleaned and if properly cared for should not need to be dry-cleaned except for annually or longer depending on the usage. Some rugs are embellished with fringes or borders and upkeep is simple, they just need brushing with a soft bristled brush. If properly cared for, the upkeep will be minimal, due to the durability of the fabrics and the natural oils in them that resist dirt,

Rug pads are recommended for all area carpets. They add cushioning and help the carpet adhere to the flooring preventing slipping. They also insulate noise and cold and lengthen the life of the rugs.

When decorating with round rugs always take into account your design scheme. If the room you want to decorate has busy patterns, you may want to go with a solid color, perhaps one that will draw out a muted color from patterns in the room. If solids are predominant in your room, consider the use of patterns. When choosing colors, a pattern with darker colors will add warmth to the room whereas light colors create a spacious look. Whatever your choices, you are certain to surround yourself with style when using round area rugs.

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