There is a huge variety of rugs for interior decorating that can add color to a décor, define a space, enhance ethnic design or hide a bad stain on the wall to wall carpeting. Rugs come in different styles from Oriental to Art Deco and different sizes from small area rugs to carpets that almost fill a large room. There are several points to consider when deciding what rug to choose for a particular space.

Points to Consider

Size—this depends on the place for the rug. Is it in front of a fireplace, under a coffee table or for a dining area? Measure the area carefully so you know exactly the size of rug you need.

Shape—the conventional shapes are rectangle, round or oval but there are half moons and free form rugs too.

Color—this depends on personal taste but the color of rugs can complement a décor, contrast with the main color or unite a mixed collection of furniture. For areas that have a lot of traffic a darker rug is better because it will not show the wear and tear as easily as a light colored rug. Dark rugs also add warmth and intimacy to a room. Rugs with lighter tones give a sense of open space and can make a small room look larger.

Design—a rug with a design motif adds interest to any interior and is low maintenance. One style of rug will look good in a kitchen and a different style in a formal dining area. Oriental rugs have very complicated designs and add depth and richness. They come from Asia and can last for more than a 100 years.

Fabric and texture—the best rugs are wool. They last for years but are more expensive. Synthetic rugs are less costly and easy to clean but they will not make an heirloom.

Your budget will Determine Quality

Top quality wool rugs especially Oriental rugs will have a high knot count. That means that the tighter the knot the more that will fit into a square inch. These are the rugs that will last for years and still look good. They should be made with high quality wool or silk. There are also other natural fibers that are less costly such as cotton or jute but they will not last long. Synthetic fibers are also less expensive but have a different look.

They may be the right rug for a temporary solution in a dorm room or to brighten up a rented apartment. They are also water resistant so they will work for a patio or kitchen. There are plant based eco friendly fibers that are made from sustainable sources and biodegradable. Jute, sisal and bamboo are also good for outdoors because they are water resistant. They won’t last long but they are inexpensive.

Hand Knotted or Hand Tufted

The best rug you can get is a hand knotted high count good quality wool rug. To make sure it is genuine look at the reverse side and see if the pattern is there. If there is a backing it is a hand tufted rug which is partially machine made. This is the next best rug and both should have a RugMark label which means it was made without child labor.

Braided Rugs

Braided rugs are reminiscent of early American settlers who braided their worn out clothing into rugs for warmth. Today they are machine made from natural and synthetic fibers and come in many different color combinations. Braided rugs have an informal look and work best in a kitchen, breakfast nook or family room. They are a good example of an inexpensive rug that has an antique cache.

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