Whether you’re looking for a place to store your vehicles vehicle or you want a machine shop on your property, finding the perfect garage can be a daunting task. But when you know what options are available to you, the journey becomes easier. And one of the option s available to you is the premade garage. Like prefabricated homes, prefabricated garages are factory manufactured.

In fact, the term prefabricated or premade garages tends to mean two things. First, garages that are already put together and are delivered on the back of a semi, much like manufactured houses, are considered premade garages. A second type of premade garage is the self-assembly kit. These kits come with prefabricated materials to build a garage, but they depend on the homeowner (or his or her contractor) to put them together. There are many advantages of the premade or portable garage. One of the most obvious benefits is price.

Hiring a contractor to build a garage on a property can cost upwards of $47,000 according to Costhelper.com. Of course, this would be the price of a luxury model two-car garage with plenty of space and top-of-the-line materials. The cost of a traditional one-car garage, on the other hand, ranges from between $8,400 and just over $10,000. Do-it-yourself kits, however, range from $3,000-$14,000. Obviously, the cost of the prefabricated garage is much less than the cost of the garage build from the ground up.

However, the price range for the prefabricated garage is still large. This is because portable garages, like traditional garages, can come in many shapes and sizes. A standard single-car garage kit with no windows can be as inexpensive as $3,000, but this requires that you put a great deal of work into assembling the structure, which can be used for little more than storage. Larger structures with more space and amenities like windows can be significantly more expensive. The material that the garage is made out of can also greatly influence the price. For instance, The Housing Forum, a home improvement web site, notes that premade structures made from wood can cost around $14,000. Pre-made garages designed out of other materials can cost a little less than $5,000. For instance, plastic is less expensive than steel, but is also less durable. Bad weather and age can damage plastic garages. Steel is a more popular, although more expensive, material for prefabricated garages. Do-it-yourself kits are always less expensive than structures that are already assembled. However, premade garages offer a sturdiness and stability that many kits cannot ensure.

In fact, a second advantage to choosing a premade garage over a garage designed by a contractor is strength. According to home improvement experts, prefabricated buildings are often stronger and sturdier than buildings built from the ground up because of the degree of scientific engineering that goes into designing premade structures. They are even designed to meet earthquake safety regulations in most cases because they have been designed to withstand the rigors of travel, according to Wise Geek, an information web site. Because many portable garages come with warranties and guarantees, homeowners who choose prefabricated garages can often rest easier than homeowners who hire contractors. Although premade structures used to denote poorly made structures, this stereotypes has long been dead.

As is the stereotype that prefabrication means fewer options. In today’s world of customized prefabricated structures, you can choose from many designs, looks, and materials when purchasing your premade garage. In addition to choosing the material for your prefabricated garage, you can also determine the color of your garage, it’s roof type, how many windows it will have, and whether it will come with amenities, such as shelving and work benches. Although these amenities mean a greater cost, they allow you to have the garage that you want at a lower cost than that of a customized garage built from the ground up. This third advantage of ready made garages is what convinces many homeowners to take the less expensive and often safer route–a prefabricated garage.

A fourth advantage to the prefabricated garage is the fact that you won’t have the frustration and expense of dealing with a contractor. According to The Housing Forum, most prefabricated garages are specially designed in such a way that beginners can put them together, or secure them to the ground, on their own. However, The Housing Forum also discusses the importance of obtaining a contractor to install electricity, as this is a dangerous task for the unskilled worker. Still, with contractor rates ranging from $35-$55 per square foot, hiring a contractor for only electrical installation, instead of for the construction of an entire garage, is a great savings.

Fifth and finally, portable garages are not only beneficial to you the homeowner, but also to the environment. Wise Geek notes that structures manufactured in factories are generally greener than those built on-site because of the more responsible waste removal processes. If you are interested in maintaining your environmental sustainability, a prefabricated garage could be the right solution.

Whether you’re looking to set up your own craft shop in your back yard or you need a safe and dry place to store your boat, a prefabricated garage is one option with many advantages. But because a premade garage is still a structure you will be erecting on property, it is necessary to claim approval from building authorities before you go forward with the project. However, the ease of construction and environmental friendliness of the project could lead to faster approval.

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