Duck in Orange Sauce, also known as Duck à l’orange, is one of the most classic and most delicious dishes in French cooking. This dish will make a thoroughly delectable dinner entre any time of the year. You can use it to really impress your sweet heart with an authentic French meal or use it to wow your guests at a dinner party.

Thankfully, to prepare this dish you don’t need to be a French chef with years of experience. All you have to do is follow the following recipe, and you’ll be enjoying this French favorite in no time.

Ingredients you will need for this recipe include two duck breasts, ungrounded pepper, salt, eight tablespoons of soy sauce, four oranges, five 7/8 fluid ounces of white whine, and five 7/8 fluid ounces of chicken stock.

Tools you will need to prepare this dish include a very sharp knife, a cutting board, a wooden spoon, a regular spoon, a tray, a plate, and two large frying pans.

First, place the two duck breasts on the tray. Now season both sides of each breast by grinding the pepper over the breasts and then adding salt.

Now take the four oranges and peel them. Put the fruit in a juicer and make orange juice. Keep the peels. You will need them for zest.

Now it’s time to prepare the sauce. Take your frying pan. Into the frying pan, pour the orange juice, the chicken stock, and the white whine. On top of this mixture of liquids, add the zest from the orange peels. Place the frying pan on your stove. Bring the mixture to a boil and then reduce.

If you would like to give your Duck in Orange Sauce a slightly sweeter flavor, you also have the option of adding three tablespoons of sugar into the frying the pan right now.

The next step is to cook the duck. Take your other frying pan and place it over a burner. Lay both duck breasts down on the skin side and cook them for twelve minutes. After twelve minutes, both breasts should be medium cooked. You can cook them longer than twelve minutes if you wish to cook them well done.

Now take your spoon and remove the liquefied fat from the pan. Next, take the soy sauce and pour it into the pan with the duck breasts. Turn both breasts over on to the other side and let them sit in the pan for ten minutes. Make sure the heat is turned off while you let them sit in the still burning hot pan over the stove. During this ten minutes, take your spoon and spoon the soy sauce over the breasts.

Now it’s time to get your cutting board and sharp knife. Place the duck breasts over the cutting board and slice them in half lengthways. Now place the sliced breasts into the pan with the orange sauce. Turn on the burner at a low setting and heat the duck and orange sauce until it is warm. When the sauce is reduced, check its consistency and then spoon some it over the breasts.

Now take your plate and place the breasts on it. Take the orange sauce and pour it over the breasts. Garnish the plate so it looks attractive perhaps with some sliced oranges and parsley.

The last step is to serve the dish. It should be served immediately. The dish is very rich, so perhaps you should only serve it with steamed vegetables.

Completing this recipe and impressing your loved ones with this fine dish, you will find that you too can prepare fine French cooking.


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