Leather coin purses are a great way to keep spare change separate from one’s checkbook and wallet for credit cards and cash. Italian leather coin purses last a lifetime, while keeping all your change in one location that is easy to access. Small leather coin purses can also be used to safely tuck away other small items, such as sewing kits, medication, and small makeup applicators and brushes.

Some women view leather wallet coin purses as a major fashion staple, even for this seemingly small fashion accessory. Leather coin purses can be monogrammed with various designer initials, thus giving the appearance of a couture type of lifestyle.

For women desiring couture fashion in their black leather coin purses, Louis Vuitton is the epitome of a high fashion statement. The “LV” pattern has been popular among celebrities and socialites for ages. Louis Vuitton sells a great leather coin purse for $300.00 on its United States website. The “Zippy Coin Purse,” as it is called on the site, measures 4.3″ x 3.3″ x 0.8.” This great little coin purse is monogrammed with the famous “LV” symbol in a light tan color. The symbol is placed upon the textured, darker brown leather, to create a stunning contrast that is sure to be noticed by others when out shopping. The coin purse is great for business women, especially, as it can hold up to four credit cards and has space for professional business cards. There are two divided compartments for loose change in this coin purse. To top it off, this quality coin purse is lined with calf leather on its interior. This leather snap coin purse created by Louis Vuitton can be purchased at www.louisvuitton.com.

Coach is another top designer specializing in handbags, wallets, and change purses. The men’s leather coin purses sold by Coach are sophisticated and stylish. The Madison Mini Skinny is one Coach style of leather coin purses that is created with a beautiful black leather. The Madison Mini Skinny can also be purchased in a fuschia color of leather. This leather coin purse comes with a keyring, so that you can keep the coin purse easily accessible on your keys or in your purse. The top contains a zipper closure. The leather coin purse measures 4 1/2 inches by 3 inches.

Coach also sells a more expensive edition of its Madison coin purses. The Madison Small Wallet is an even more stunning leather coin purse, created with a snap closure, rather than the zipper closure. The author of this article suggests you consider purchasing a coin purse with a snap closure, rather than a coin purse with a zipper closures for security and safety. Zipper closures are often prone to accidentally opening, meaning you could spill all your change in your purse or on the ground while shopping. To avoid that mishap, the author of this article suggests investing in soft leather coin purses with snap closures even though they are more expensive.

To continue, the Madison Small Wallet costs $98.00, which is quite expensive, but is very much worth it. The coin purse contains the Coach emblem on the front of the coin purse and contains a slip pocket to contain your ID. There is even a zip pocket on the back of the outside of this coin purse.

Perhaps you don’t care one bit about the appearance of a coin purse, and consider spending even $40 to $300 as just obscene, wasteful, spending. If this is the case, there are still many options out there for you to find the perfect leather coin purse for an affordable price.

Target is a department store you probably recognize, and this store sells leather coin purses for great deals. For $16.99, you can buy a quality leather coin purse created by the Adi Designs brand. The Converse clutch purses are also being sold at a great price, for only $14.99. While these purses are a little larger than the typical leather coin purse, they are wristlets that would still be great for holding spare change and other small trinkets. In addition, at www.target.com, for purchases of over $50 you can qualify for free shipping. Perhaps if you and a few friends need new leather coin purses, then www.target.com is the place to go.

Leather coin purses have many uses, it’s just up to you to decide how you want to use one. In addition, they can be a major fashion accessory, or an unimportant day-to-day necessity, depending on how much you wish to pay.

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