Finding the right plus size leather jacket can add a new and versatile element to any woman’s wardrobe. Leather jackets have come a long way since their days as accessories for tough motorcycle riders. You can find plus size leather jackets made from soft, supple, brushed leather in almost any design and in several different colors. There is an organic feel to a genuine leather jacket that can’t be duplicated by any other fabric. Leather has a tendency to hang straight down from your shoulders and hips, which can be elegantly slimming.

More Than Black and Brown

Traditionally, leather jackets have been available in black and dark brown. Recent trends in leather manufacture have made it possible to have a womens plus size leather jacket in many different colors. Jackets are available in red, white, dark brown, light cream, and of course they also come in black. If worn with the right clothes, an unusually colored leather jacket can make a bold style statement. No matter what color the leather is, it still retains its luxurious quality and gives you an air of casual sophistication.

Flattering Cuts

Leather jackets are available in several different styles. In fact, there is probably a leather jacket made in any style of coat that you can imagine. The most flattering plus size faux leather jackets fall just below the waist with a straight cut from the shoulder. Leather jackets that are cut like men’s suit coats and have a straight 3-button look are also very fashionable and enhance the attributes of a plus size woman. The idea is to de-emphasize the hips, so almost any jacket that falls straight from the shoulder to the waist will look great on anyone. Avoid jackets that have sharp tapers to the waist, or create a triangular pattern from the shoulders to the waist.

Zippers, Snaps, and Belts

Leather jackets have a unique quality of being flexible enough to look good with several different kinds of closures. Sharp, clean lines are created when a jacket has a simple zipper closure without any other accessories on the front. You can add a little interest to a longer, loose-fitting leather jacket by tying a matching leather belt around the waist. Many leather jackets have snaps at the top or bottom of the zipper, which lends a more casual air to the look. Buttons on a leather jacket create a more understated look.

The Benefits of Different Lengths

Women’s plus size leather jackets come in several lengths. A floor length leather jacket can be a very dramatic look. Leather jackets that fall to the knee or mid-thigh will keep you warmer in cold weather, and they tend to smooth out the curves of a plus-size woman. The result can be very slimming, and the supple nature of that much leather creates a very soft, luxurious look. Waist length jackets are more sporty, and look best with casual weekend clothes. Remember that if you buy a long leather jacket you will need to pay close attention to the maintenance of the leather so that it remains soft and pliable.

From Sporty to Glamorous

Leather jackets can perform different functions depending on how you wear them. You could wear a longer leather coat to dress up jeans and a sweater, or wear it over something more upscale to create a dramatic glamorous effect. The use of leather in a high-fashion function can seem a little daring, and definitely adds a fresh touch of interest to any combination. Leather jackets are an investment, and if you care for yours properly it will grow more beautiful as it ages. It is a good idea to buy leather jackets that will fit in several different styles so that you will always be able to wear it as popular trends come and go.

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