Ladies winter coats are as much a fashion statement as the shoes you wear and your accessories. Choose the wrong one and you risk looking dumpy, frumpy or not quite pulled together, but if you choose the right one, you’re bound to look fabulous and polished no matter what the occasion. So, how do you know if you’re choosing the right winter coats for ladies to meet your needs? Do you need more than one? These questions can be so frustrating, but with a few tips, you can look pulled together and glamourous no matter what the season.

Jacket or Coat

For many women, the question of whether they need a jacket or a coat is the very first on their minds and the answer is that you really should have both. Ladies full length winter coats are longer and, while they can be dressed down with a pair of jeans, they tend to look a little bit dressier. If you work in an environment where you frequently dress up, you should definitely have a longer coat, which is more professional and polished looking than a jacket. However, since jackets are much more casual, you might also want to consider having at least one of these as well.

Remember that coats which are made of cashmere or boiled wool are warm and cozy, but they tend to be less bulky than ladies winter coats of the down variety. This means that a nice or “good” coat made of these materials in charcoal, black or camel color will help you to look sleek and sophisticated whether you’re headed for a night on the town or to the office. Consider choosing one which is about knee length, which will look good whether you’re wearing a pencil skirt and heels or a pair of dress pants and choosing a tailored coat will accentuate your curves by offering a tapered fit around the waist.

For really cold weather, you can easily accessorize with gloves, scarves and even hats that look professional or sophisticated. The key when choosing a good ladies winter coat is to remember that it should last you for a long time, so you will definitely get your money out of it. Just make sure to stick with classic colors and styling which will survive the trends.

How Much Might You Spend

The problem for many women who are seeking a good ladies winter coat is the overall cost. Since a good coat can vary widely in price, you might have to shop around depending on your budget, but the good news is that there are many retailers who offer beautiful, functional, high quality ladies winter dress coats at discounted prices. Choosing to shop at one of these stores for your next winter coat can help you to stretch your dollar further.

What You Should Look For

When you’re shopping for a ladies winter coat and you know what you want and how much you’re going to be able to spend, it’s going to be essential to have an idea of what you should be looking for as far as quality of the piece is concerned. Make sure that any coat you choose is a decent weight. It should feel substantial when you pick it up and put it on, but it shouldn’t be too heavy or bulky. Also, make sure that the stitching is solid, especially around the shoulders, pockets and across the back. Most high quality coats are sewn with a thicker type of thread, so make sure that the coat you’re considering has been stitched with good thread.

You might also want to wear the same type of clothing when you’re shopping for the coat that you will be wearing when you tend to use your coat the most. For instance, if you frequently wear heavy sweaters, shop for your ladies winter coat while wearing this type of sweater so that you can ensure that a coat you choose will fit well and look good.

Many women who are shopping for ladies winter coats on sale rely exclusively on the brand of the coat, however, there may be some really good quality coats that you pass up if you look only at the brand name, so choose to shop at a store who offers a wide variety of coats for you to choose from at prices which you can afford.

In the end, shopping for ladies winter coats has to do with you, so whether you’re seeking something casual and trendy, or a warm winter piece of outerwear that is classically designed and tailored doing a little research and knowing what you’re looking for can help you to choose the right type of winter coat to meet all of your fashion needs and keep you warm all winter long.

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