There are countless home improvement projects that can be done using a very basic tool. Spray paint is one of the tools that can be used to change the look and feel of almost any surface in a few quick and easy steps. Spray paint is great because the spray diffuser evenly distributes the paint over the surface. It is harder to make mistakes with spray paint because there is no fiddling around with a paint brush in order to make the paint even or dripless. Though the process of spraying the paint over te surface can be quicker than spreading on the paint with a paint brush the paint still needs to dry. Whether the paint is applied using a brush or a spray paint can the paint needs an ample amount of time to dry in between coats in order to complete the project effectively.

Every spray paint company will explain how long the paint should be left to dry on the back of the spray paint can under the instructions. Every type of spray paint has a different formula that even differs by color so the amount of time it will require for it to dry can vary between even different colors of paint. If you are going to complete a project using spray paints of different colors it is wise to go with the same company so you complete the project using just one type of paint.

This will eliminate the possible differences in dry time that you may run into by using paint made by other brands. This is also another aspect to consider if you are going to be using a base coat or a top coat of spray paint in your project. It is easier and possibly faster to complete a project using base coats, colors, and top coats made by the same brand because the similar formulas will adhere better and make for a faster dry time.

Most projects will not look decent if they are only covered with one layer of spray paint. Almost everything that will be painted should have at least two or three coats of paint so that the end result is a painted object that is evenly covered with paint and opaque. If a base and top coat are included in the paint job the amount of coats that are needed may range to about 5 or 6. Overall, it could take a project that uses this amount of paint close to 20 hours to complete due to the time that each coat of paint needs to dry. Each individual coat should take on average between three and four hours to dry.

It is important to stay on the safe side when completing a home improvement spray paint project because if only one wrong estimation is made in the dry time for a project the whole project can easily be ruined. Before starting the project take a look on the back of the spray paint can and find out what the company suggests about dry time on the can. If it says to give the paint about 3 hours of dry time per coat you may want to tack on an extra hour just to play it on the safe side, especially if there will be several coats of additional paint added. After the final coat of spray paint is applied to the project you may want to wait an additional day before putting it back in the house. For example, the calculated dry time should be fine for decorative items but spray painted drawer handles should be given some extra dry time.

Every spray paint project will be different but a typical type of spray paint will usually take about 2 to 3 hours to dry completely. A lighter coat will take less time and a heavier coat will take more but the maximum amount of time it should take one coat of spray paint to dry on average is 3 hours.


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