Suede coats are a great investment. They are always in style, and can be worn virtually anytime of the year. If you are considering purchasing a suede coat, doing so before the summer season is smartest. It is smartest to purchase coats during this time, because this is when brown suede coats typically go on sale for drastically reduced prices.

For example, at Neiman Marcus, there is a petite suede coat on sale for $225.00 that originally was priced at $325.00. The jacket is almost only two thirds of the original price, which is a great deal for suede jackets, especially from Neiman Marcus. The jacket also features stylish fringe up and down the jacket, and is a light tan color. The designer for this coat is Berek.

Suede coats come in all sorts of styles. Some faux suede coats feature trim, while other ones are very plain in design. Sometimes a simpler style is actually a better look for some people. Unless you are a very trendy person, you also might prefer a suede jacket that has an overall look of simplicity. If fringe isn’t your style, then Target has a great brown suede coat for you. Again, because the hot summer months are approaching, this suede coat by Isaac Mizrahi is on sale for only $70.00. This is a fantastic price, considering that Isaac Mizrahi is also a high-end designer that creates couture fashion as well. This jacket is styled as a “bomber jacket,” meaning it zips down the front and the sleeves are slightly puffed out. The list price for this jacket was originally $140.00.

It is important to understand how to care for a long suede coat, after you have purchased it. To dust off suede coats, it is important not to use a brush that will scratch the suede. Suede may seem like a strong fabric, but the truth is the surface of suede is very delicate. So use a brush with strong bristles to brush dust and dirt off of a women’s suede coat, but be sure you are not scratching the suede itself. It is also important to “waterproof” the jacket before wearing it out. You can try using Scotchguard waterproofing to cover the jacket, so that it will not ruin in rainy weather. Another great waterproofing spray to use can be purchased from Footlocker for $3.50 a can. This spray is named Protector TFL Team Footlocker. It is important to use waterproofing spray that is reputable, since waterproofing is pretty much the only way to protect your jacket. Many cleaning services simply do not take in suede jackets, since they are incredibly difficult to thoroughly clean. Do yourself a favor and invest in waterproofing spray and splurging on a suede coat.

If you are looking for a heavier suede jacket to be worn during winter, then check out Victoria’s Secret. Currently, they are offering light pink, black, and tan suede coats on sale for $169.00. Originally, these high-quality jackets were priced at $248.00. These jackets are great for winter, since they are fully lined with faux fur. If you are looking for a heavier type of suede jacket for a reasonable price, this is the best deal out there.

Sears is also offering great deals on heavy suede jackets, but keep in mind this jacket is a dark tan. This coat is designed for older adults, but also has that luxurious faux fur lining on the inside. This jacket costs $80.00, a full 50% savings from the original $160.00 pricetag. It is simply smarter to purchase next year’s suede coat during the months of March and April when these jackets will be on sale for remarkable prices. This same jacket will be full price in only a matter of months when August rolls around. This jacket is created by the brand Weather Tamer.

When purchasing a suede jacket, it is important to keep in mind that you are responsible for its care throughout every season. A suede jacket can be easily ruined by only one day out in the rain, so it behooves you to waterproof it as soon as you purchase it. Other than that, enjoy searching through the sales of suede coats out there.

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