During the summer one of the most popular ways to cook is grilling. There are a number of traditional grilling foods, but one that is relatively common is ribs. This meat is easy to prepare and cook, and it is delicious when cooked on a grill. There are a few steps when cooking ribs on the grill.

Choosing Ribs

There are a few different kinds of ribs to choose from. Pork baby back ribs are the easiest to cook as they cook quickly and are naturally tender. These ribs come from the loin of the pig. Pork spare ribs come from the belly side of the rib cage and are usually tender and have more fat, which can add flavor. They are somewhat larger than baby back ribs and so take longer to cook. Beef short ribs are usually meatier than pork ribs and are quite large. Beef ribs are the largest ribs and can take awhile to cook. They are best cooked slowly to make them tender. Which ribs you choose depends on how long you want to spend cooking, how large you want them to be, whether you prefer pork or beef, and how tender you want them to be.

Preparing the Ribs

Any flaps of meat should be cut off the rack of ribs, although the spare meat can also be cooked and eaten. If you wish to marinate the ribs, you should let them do so in the refrigerator for at least six hours. Citrus juice is a common marinade. Soy sauce can also be used in the marinade, although you will have to be careful not to over salt the ribs later. Before cooking, dry off any marinade and sprinkle any desired seasonings onto the meat.

Preparing the Grill

The grill should be heated and maintain a temperature between two hundred twenty-five and two hundred seventy-five. Indirect heat is best. If using a charcoal grill keep all the charcoal to one side and cook on the other. If indirect heat is impossible, keep aluminum foil under the ribs to keep them from being burnt by the flames. Those that want a smoke flavor can also add wood from fruit trees such as cherry or apple, although hickory wood is also sometimes used.

Cooking the Ribs

Ribs are best cooked slowly over low heat. Cooking them fast caused them to be tough and possibly burn. Try to be patient and allow the ribs to cook as slowly as possible. One can moisten the ribs throughout the process by basting on barbeque or another sauce. Another option is to fill a clean spray bottle with water and spices or a thin barbeque sauce and spray the ribs occasionally as they cook. If possible, use a meat thermometer to check to see if they are done. The internal temperature should be one hundred sixty-five degrees in the thickest part of the meat. If you do not have a meat thermometer, check to make sure that the meat in the center is white or tan with no pink juices or meat.

Ribs are a traditional grilling meat. These are an excellent choice for a cook out or backyard barbeque. Grilling ribs gives them a very nice flavor.


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