Most people enjoy the taste of a sweet and savory brownie but they do not necessarily enjoy the calories and high sugar content that are associated with this sweet treat. For those who are on a diet but simply love brownies, it can be difficult to stay away from the temptation, especially since brownies are so moist and delicious. Many people who are dieting believe that they will automatically have to give up these delicious desserts but this is entirely untrue. In fact, it is all about coming up with some strategies for cooking good food that is also healthy. Certain ingredients can and should be substituted so that the brownies can be made only without all of that sugar and empty calories. Below is a recipe for healthy and delicious brownies.

Ingredients for Healthy Brownies

• ½ cup almond flour
• ½ cup oat flour
• 3 tablespoons Hershey’s cocoa powder (unsweetened)
• 1 pinch of salt
• ½ teaspoon baking soda
• ¼ cup Splenda (sugar substitute)
• 1 cup applesauce
• 4 egg whites

Directions for Healthy Brownies

First the oven should be set to around 350 degrees F. While the oven is starting to warm up, preparation of the brownies can take place. The dry ingredients must be mixed together first. This means that the oat flour, almond flour, cocoa, Splenda, and baking soda will all be combined together in a mixing bowl. Once all of the dry ingredients have been combined and mixed together with one another, it is time to mix together the wet ingredients in a separate mixing bowl. The ingredients that should be mixed together in the separate mixing bowl now include the egg whites and the applesauce. When the dry ingredients are mixed together in one bowl and the wet ingredients are mixed together in a separate mixing bowl, it is time to add them together with one another and mix well.

After all of the ingredients are mixed together, the pan for the brownies will need to be sprayed down lightly with some non-stick cooking spray. The spray should be spread evenly throughout the pan to ensure that the brownies will not stick to it. The mixture of ingredients can be added to the pan and placed into the oven. The brownies need to cook for about twenty minutes or so. After twenty minutes has passed, the brownies can be checked on to see if they are completely done or not. If they are not finished, they will likely need just 5 more minutes. When they are completely baked, they can be removed from the oven and should sit out for a few minutes, allowing them to cool off completely before being served. For a little something extra, some coconut shavings can be added to the top of the brownies or they can be served as is for a delicious and healthy sweet treat.

This recipe will not take long at all to create. In fact, the preparation time for the ingredients will only take about 10 minutes or less. After the ingredients are combined together, the baking will only take 20-25 minutes which means that in around 30 minutes, the perfect healthy brownies can be created.


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