Sliced chicken breast fillet and vegetable garnish

Cooking boneless skinless chicken breast can be frustrating. Sometimes the chicken breast turns out to dry or flavorless. Much more importantly, the cooking time and internal temperature is crucial in chicken to ensure that you kill off all bacteria. The internal temperature of chicken breast should be 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Having a meat thermometer is a very important tool to have in your kitchen. Learning how to cook the chicken properly can save a lot of time and money and can put your mind to rest whether you are worried about diseases or overcooking. There are two basic ways to cook chicken in the oven, broiling and baking. By following these simple steps to cooking chicken breast in the oven, you will have success with juicy and flavorful results.

Broiling Chicken

Broiling chicken breast can be very convenient because it only takes a few minutes on each side to cook. As long as you season the chicken to your liking, you should have plenty of flavors in your chicken.
1. Start by thoroughly washing the chicken breast. If you prefer to pound the chicken breast, then do so after they are washed. Pounding the chicken breast just makes for a thinner piece of meat. To do this just place the chicken on a cutting board and cover with plastic wrap. Then use a meat tenderizer and start to pound the meat to the desired thickness.
2. Season the chicken breast with any type of oil and seasonings like salt, pepper and herbs.
3. Place the chicken breasts on the broiler rack and place the broiler pan underneath to catch the juice and oil from the chicken. Place the pan in the oven with the broiler setting on. A good tip to remember is to keep the oven door cracked while broiling. This will help you to watch the chicken to prevent over cooking.
4. After the chicken has browned enough, about 5-6 minutes, pull the chicken out and flip to cook on the other side.
5. After cooking on the other side for 5-6 minutes, remove from the oven. Let the chicken breast rest a few minutes on the counter to let the juices settle in the meat.

Baking Chicken

Baking chicken in the oven is the way most of us prepare our chicken. The temperature for baking chicken breast should be around 350 to 375 degrees. Chicken breast does not hold much moisture because it lacks the fat so a good tip is to always rub some type of oil, such as olive oil, on the breast. One of the ways to put moisture into chicken is to marinate it.

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Wash the chicken breast thoroughly.
3. Rub some type of oil or butter on the chicken breast and then coat with different seasonings such as salt, pepper and herbs.
4. Place the chicken breast in a baking dish and cover with aluminum foil.
5. Bake for approximately 30-40 minutes or until the internal temperature is 160 degrees, depending on how hot and even your oven cooks will determine the amount of time it takes.
6. Let the chicken rest before slicing, this will help keep the moisture in the breast.

Following these simple steps will help you to make the best and safest chicken possible for your family. Chicken is so versatile and extremely popular. Being able to cook it right can be a challenge. The best way to cook any meat is just by following the internal temperature guidelines that have been created for consumer’s safety. As always, enjoy!


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